The WCSQM alumni association is run by, and for, students, and is open and free to join for all World Class students from accredited partner schools who:

  • Have successfully undertaken the accreditation process on behalf of their school
  • Have taken on a project management role at a WCSQM event (Symposium, Awards Ceremony etc.)
  • Have been nominated by their school to be World Class ambassadors

The WCSQM alumni association has been created to provide young people who have World Class skills and competencies with the opportunities to network and build their confidence to realise their potential. The association supports them to access life-changing and career-developing opportunities as they progress through further and higher education and on to employment.

The benefits of being a WCSQM Alumni

The Alumni Association provides a support network for World Class students, enabling them to develop and strengthen the peer relationships formed during the collaborative accreditation process and assessment centre event. It also offers a number of benefits to support students as they progress through school and transition to further or higher education and on to employment, including:

  • An open invitation to WCSQM events offering World Class networking opportunities and prestigious keynote talks
  • The opportunity to be directly involved in running WCSQM’s student-led annual symposium and awards ceremony
  • Bespoke WCSQM references on request acknowledging the individual student’s contribution to WCSQM and their World Class skills and competencies
  • Access to a network of World Class alumni students across the country
  • The opportunity to take part in events and tours in some of the most prestigious educational establishments in the UK, with admissions advice and guidance provided

Alumni Association groups

As the number of alumni students grows year on year, committee members manage the association across a number of distinct interest groups. Alumni members are welcome to join as many of these groups as they like:

  • Human Sciences
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities and Languages
  • Performing Arts
  • Active Citizenship

Sign Up

If you’re not already a member, you can sign up by emailing

You’re also encouraged to join the WCSQM Alumni Facebook group

The Alumni Committee presented a session at the 2020 Virtual Symposium about how to join and the benefits of membership

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