From schools

The students found it to be a genuinely challenging day in Coventry and had a wonderful experience.

Amanda Wright, Seven Kings School

Our students felt really challenged in the final project but absolutely loved every minute of it and had a great time in Coventry and made some lifelong friends!

Annmarie Whelan, Headteacher, Weatherhead High School

Thanks so much for yesterday – our girls had an amazing day. It was a joy to watch them and all the other students work together and present – a real World Class bunch!

Caroline Carney, Media Arts Coordinator, Weatherhead High School

It was an unforgettable and brilliant day!

David Lisowski, Headteacher, Riverbank Academy

I am writing to congratulate you on organising the recent World Class Schools assessment event at Riverbank Academy. I really enjoyed the day and I am so glad I made the time to attend with the students. Our three ambassadors really enjoyed the event and I am sure that they, and the others involved, have benefited enormously from the process.

I think it was an inspired choice to host the event at Riverbank Academy. I was very impressed by the school – it has superb facilities and the environment is clearly really well cared for. Even more important, it has a wonderful ethos based around ensuring that every students receives the best possible start in life. In a sense that’s what World Class Schools stand for – so the location directly mirrored the values that we all share – every child deserves an excellent education.

I’m very much looking forward to being part of the network.

Dominic Burke, Headteacher Balcarras School

I am delighted that the experience has been positive so far for all involved.

Helen Redford-Hernandez, Headteacher, Hungerhill School

Our students offer us hope and light for the future. Thank you for everything you’re doing at WCSQM, this also offers us hope.

Jane Waters, Head of Seven Kings School

I greatly admire everything that your organisation is doing to champion schools in similar contexts to ours, by providing all young people with a voice and celebrating their achievements.

Kat Cafferky, Principal, Trinity Academy Leeds

It was an incredible day and we felt so proud to watch all of the students stand up and talk with such confidence to such a large group! One of our students contacted me last night as he had received a wonderful email from his assessor suggesting he looks at being a shadow assessor next year! This has boosted his confidence enormously!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, it has been a very rewarding experience so far!!

Mandy Milsom, Assistant Headteacher, Southam College

Days like that give me hope for the world.

I thought the special school/ mainstream school mix was an absolute triumph and all the students had a steep, rewarding and powerful learning curve which they all embraced with charm and enthusiasm.

Rozamund Webb, WCSQM Qualified Assessor
I would like to say that Maria has been of an immense help and really supportive whenever I had to enquire about something. I am keen to get our students engaged with WCS activities more than before and I look forward to working with you and your team.
Vinesh Bhugobaun, Assistant Headteacher, Alexandra Park School

Thank you WCSQM, we appreciate all you have done to support our schools.

Wendy Tomes, CEO, Riverbank Academy Trust

From students

As someone who has previously attended a ‘World-Class Schools Quality Mark’ Secondary School I have witnessed the effect of the recognition. The WCSQM has instilled a sense of confidence, belonging, and pride both within me and my peers. The WCSQM is a true accolade that recognises pioneering state schools for following a framework which delivers the same results as leading independent schools.

Matty Kielb, World Class alumni student, age 17

On Accreditation

I am taking the NPQSL course at the moment and I used World Class Schools as an example of how wonderful it is to give our students opportunities and how great the WCSQM application process is.

Caroline Sehested | WCSQM Associate, St Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls, London

World Class Quality Mark status has given Finham Park School an enviable reputation nationally and internationally, enabling us to recruit the best, most dynamic staff and be a school that teachers and students are proud to be a part of. The opportunities World Class status brings enable us to influence, lead others and grow as a school community as we share excellence with the very best practitioners both at home and internationally.

Chris Bishop | Headteacher, Finham Park School, Coventry

Thank you for all your support during the process. It was an enjoyable experience and a lot was learned from it.

Dan Sofianos, Assistant Principal, Harris Academy Greenwich

Thank you. It has been a very rewarding process to have gone through and we have benefited by having a large folder of evidence we can use for other things. Thanks for all your support in the process.

Georgina Ellis, Headteacher, Churchill Special Free School

I wish WCSQM well, it’s a terrific charity.

Michael Hugill, Chief Executive, Urban & Civic

On the benefits for students

The Year 13s who worked with you achieved outstanding results and Adam is presently working in Camp America where his work with WCSQM certainly made him stand out from the rest and he also achieved fantastic results.

Gill Taylor, Deputy Principal, Ivybridge Community College
Our students that have been shortlisted for the Student Character Award are incredibly proud of their achievements! Thanks again for such fantastic opportunities for our students – we can’t thank WCS enough.
Halena Tovey, Head of English, President Kennedy School

 I am very proud and so pleased that President Kennedy is part of the World Class Schools group. It enables our students to set themselves apart.


Peter Thomas, CEO, The Futures Trust

Thank you so much for today – that was truly an excellent interactive session.  Excellent feedback from the students and very valuable for everyone who attended (including me!). Every student appreciated the time Mark took to go through every profile with individual tips and feedback, plus of course lots of extra information about utilising the power of LinkedIn. Thank you again for giving us this great opportunity!

Zoe Bateman, Careers Advisor, UTC Reading

On the WCSQM assessment centre

Seeing primary kids get confidence and boosting their skills for later in life is an amazing thing to be a part of.

Ayse Karanis, Year 11, Chelsea Academy, Shadow Assessor

Seeing students who’ve never met each other before produce such phenomenal projects is the true meaning of World Class.

Elif Karanis, Year 13, Chair of the Alumni Association, Chelsea Academy

An exciting stress!

Jessica Demarco, Year 12, Shadow Assessor

My students have been really enthused by the whole process; they enjoy the opportunity to share their strengths and successes as part of a robust and meaningful reaccreditation process. They loved the assessment centre – a chance to make new friends and work on a creative, real-world project.

Joe Pointon, Wymondham College

Our students have benefitted significantly through the World Class reaccreditation process. They have challenged, collaborated and stretched each other to ensure the final product is realised. They truly epitomise our school ethos of excellence and demonstrate all of the World Class characteristics by doing so. All students should be proud of what they have achieved.

Jules Gordon, Vice Principal, George Spencer Academy

WCSQM emphasises the importance of networking for today’s youth.

Lara Hall, Year 13, Qualified Assessor
The students really enjoyed the assessment day last week.  One of them said it was the best experience of her life! They haven’t stopped talking about it since, so thank you for providing them with such a fantastic opportunity.
Laura Dudley, Associate Assistant Headteacher

Can I just say what an amazing experience it was for all of us to take part in a project that allowed us to show off our amazing school. Along with the amazing experience it also showed us that although we unfortunately find ourselves in worrying times, we were able as a team to come together through online meetings, to not only show off a school that we love and are proud of, but also support each other through a new project that allows us to celebrate something. In this case it was our school, something that brings us all together and brings us joy. Therefore, I am not only extremely thankful for this opportunity on behalf of my team, but we are also extremely proud that we have finally been able to portray our school in the way it deserves to be seen. I hope you enjoy our application as much as we enjoyed making it.

Mariam Alowoad, St Anne’s Catholic High School

I’m always worried that I’m bad with communicating but once I got into it it was fine, I was absolutely fine and really enjoyed everything.

Sam Enston, Year 12, Southam College, project manager, project 4

World Class Schools has shown me something outside of my school that I can be a part of and help with. I never would have imagined travelling up to Coventry or Leeds to be part of an organisation that is accrediting schools that are doing amazing things for their pupils and as a student it’s really inspiring to see that schools and teachers care about us.

Tanya Dhliwayo, Year 13 Nonsuch High School for Girls, Vice Chair of WCSQM Alumni Association.

WCSQM is so inclusive, and this year has just proved that. Challenging primary school children to think higher and operate above their ‘age’ and including special schools is just fantastic.

It’s great to see students of all ages working together to achieve something so World Class.

Titus Takyi-Adarkwa, Vice Chair of the Alumni Association, Chelsea Academy

On the WCSQM Award Ceremony

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole awards ceremony last night and well done to you and your team for putting it all together. Our students will definitely enjoy watching it and your competitions, staff courses and  motivation and support throughout these challenges months and last year have been really valued and greatly appreciated. This is such a lovely way to finish another really difficult and challenging term.
A Whelan, Headteacher, Weatherhead High School

Our award is finally up! The pride that surges through me every time I see it is unreal! Thank you @WCSQM for the incredible experience and allowing me to go on a journey that I will never forget (with some new, lifelong friends).

Alexandra Williams, 15, pupil at Wade Deacon School

We thoroughly enjoyed the event last week and have taken a huge amount from the whole process.

Ged Fitzpatrick, Executive Headteacher, St Mary’s College Hull
Thank you for putting on an uplifting  celebration of the fantastic work of so many young people across the country. We were all thrilled for our students who were longlisted in such strong numbers and with the honourable mention. Thanks for all you do to promote curriculum enrichment, it is much valued by all colleagues at Featherstone.
Gerry Wadwa, Headteacher, Featherstone High School, Ealing

Our students have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working with WCSQM and I have a plethora of students ready to take on the next set of opportunities.

Gil Taylor, Vice-principal, Ivybridge Community College

The girls had an amazing time in Cambridge, as did the staff. Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work with such a wonderful project.

Helen Kay, Senior Teacher and Head of History, The Holy Cross School, December 2017

The Awards Ceremony was absolutely awesome and I have really enjoyed sharing our experience.

Jonathan Nicholls, Principal, UTC Reading, December 2017

We are chuffed to bits for the kids ( and for us!) The kids loved the ceremony and I’m sure their parents and friends will too when they see it. We love being part of the WCS network!

Neil Clayton, Headteacher, President Kennedy School

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your team on behalf of Beckfoot. Naomi was chuffed to have been shortlisted for the final and Alex was honored to be a part of the student assessor process. Also, thank you for allowing us to bring extra students to sit in the audience. Our year 7 representative (Adam) said that he is going to ‘work his socks off so that he can study at Cambridge and go on more punting tours’ – he is true to his word and was in school this morning despite a 2am return to snowy Yorkshire. The other students were also inspired by your words and the words of Dr Jerry Toner.

Tom Darling, Beckfoot School

On the WCSQM Essay competition

As always, a poignant topic and it fits very well with our school’s core value for the half term of kindness which underpins everything we do. It’s nice to hear students reflecting on the value of friendship and what makes a good friend.

Alex Smith, Director of English, Finham Park School

On the WCSQM Symposium

Thanks for a great day yesterday – the two keynotes were excellent.

Alison Merrills, Principal, National Leader of Education, Sir Jonathan North Community College and Teaching School

It was a super day and Grayson Perry was fantastic. It was just the sort of prestigious and challenging talk that world class students should be exposed to.

Andrew Wilcock, CEO Veritas Educational Trust (Bishop Ramsey School)

Thank you so much for the World Class School celebration event yesterday, it was so well organised and I came away with a lot of information and great sharing of best practise. It was also lovely to see the other schools’ hard work and projects. 

Callum Bradbury | Gifted & Talented Lead, Painsley Catholic College

I firmly believe in the World Class network and all that it stands for. I really like the student centred approach specifically. I enjoyed my day out; it was very thought provoking. I really liked both key notes presentations. Thank you.

Chris Tomlinson, Regional Director, Harris Federation

Just wanted to say thank you for Monday – I thought it was a great day and both I and the students found it really interesting and thought-provoking. I’m sure it took a great deal of hard work so I hope you have a good summer break.

Christian Hicks, Headteacher, The Charter School

Thank you so much for an amazing symposium. Myself, Dr Airey and our student ambassadors had a great and very memorable day.

Dr L Burroughs | Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Sixth Form, Darrick Wood School

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all of the thought provoking and useful sessions today. I know various of our students and staff have been accessing them. The session from EdTech and Sandringham was particularly useful. I have lots of notes and further research to do!

Jo Ainsworth | Assistant Headteacher, Featherstone High School

I wish I could just go back and do it all over again!


Kara Gough, Year 9, President Kennedy School

Thank you for hosting the World Class Symposium yesterday. Jenny, the girls and I enjoyed it very much. The girls are inspired to take the next step towards becoming ambassadors and we have a number of ideas for doing more with Student Voice, more around mental health and more to publicise the many opportunities we offer.

Kat Pugh, Headteacher, St Marylebone School

Thank you for the great memories of the Symposium day where I could honestly not get the smile off my face.

Krishna Panchal, Regional Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Thank you for organising a really interesting day. Our students thoroughly enjoyed today and gained much from the experience. In truth it is a busy week in school with Curriculum Enrichment Week but this was a thought provoking and truly world class day.

Margaret Chapman, Headteacher, St Albans Girls’ School

Really well done on organising such a fantastic event as well – I have some small insight into how much effort they take, so wanted to say great job.

Mark Walton, Global Client Director, LinkedIn

A well composed day again with lots of relevant content and food for thought.  I was particularly captured by Russell Viner’s keynote and found myself taking notes of interesting comments and facts.

Naomi Bedworth | Marketing & Communications Manager, St Mary’s College

It feels a privilege to be part of this excellent (can I use that word?!) group of schools, and I’m personally and professionally grateful for the opportunity to participate.

Thanks for a great day yesterday – the two keynotes were excellent.

On WCSQM Assessor training

I have enjoyed this so much and am always so grateful for all the opportunities WCS provides. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Bibi Winter, Student Assessor, Hitchin Girls’ School

On WCSQM competitions

I am so proud of my work, and I’m just so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to enter it into a competition. Thank you so much.

Elle, Year 12, Hertfordshire and Essex High School

On WCSQM reaccreditation

It has been a pleasure working with you and your organisation this last year. The students absolutely loved being involved in the re-accreditation process and I want to thank you personally for the support provided to the staff and students of Waldegrave.

Ian Goulbourne, Waldegrave School

Thanks for giving students such wonderful opportunities!

Laura Dudley, Teacher, St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy

On WCSQM subscription

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I have found the experience of using your app with students. The students have loved every minute of the work within the app and I have formed some fantastic relationships with the students through this.

James Bates, Nene Park Academy

It sounds such a fantastic programme and follows on so well from the leadership work we are doing with children. We can’t wait to get started.

Natalie Aldridge, Headteacher, South Wilford Endowed CE Primary School

I’ve learned a huge amount from working with you and our students this year in relation to WCS! And I’m sure there is a lot more that we will achieve together moving into the future.

Stephen Bailey, Assistant Headteacher, Fulford School

It really is a privilege reading the reflections that our young people share.

Stephen Bailey, Assistant Headteacher, Fulford School

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