Celebrating the first ever winner of WCSQM’s Student of the Month award

Celebrating the first ever winner of WCSQM’s Student of the Month award

Year 13 student, Amaan Ul-Hasan of Sherbourne Fields School in Coventry is the first to win the coveted World Class Student of the Month award in 2021.

The Student of the Month award forms a part of World Class School Quality Mark’s (WCSQM) Student Character Campaign. The campaign, launched in January 2021, is designed to recognise and reward students demonstrating World Class characteristics across one or more of WCSQM’s six different areas for secondary – Leaders, Learners, Commitment to Achievement, Community, Workplace and Knowledge and understanding, and three different areas for primary, I am…, I feel…, I learn…

As an accredited WCSQM school since 2020, Sherbourne Fields School’s students are eligible to participate in the campaign established by WCSQM in line with its mission to develop students’ World Class characteristics to help them thrive in an ever changing global economy. Designed to enhance the national curriculum, WCSQM’s robust framework of characteristics recognises skills and competencies that demonstrate support for the local community, overcoming obstacles, commitment, environmental responsibility and employability among many others – all characteristics vital to giving young people the grounding, skills and confidence to become not just World Class students, but World Class citizens.

“This past year we have seen young people lose so many of their traditional social and learning opportunities. Despite, and often because of, the challenges they face, we have also been inspired by the positivity, strength of character and resilience of our young people. Their willingness to look out for others in their local community, their ability to adapt to change and their creativity in finding solutions to overcome obstacles- these are the World Class characteristics we have always encouraged, and they’re more important now than they’ve ever been before. We’re very proud, through our Student Character Campaign, to publicly recognise and reward the students proving that despite the odds, they are indeed World Class.” Miranda Perry, Director, World Class Schools Quality Mark

Amaan was awarded as the first ever Student of the Month in January 2021 after demonstrating skills to prove his World Class Learner characteristics (I am an excellent learner dedicated to life-long learning). Skills and competencies evidenced included the demonstration of entrepreneurial skills, volunteering, successful independent working and team working and intellectual curiosity.  As January Student of the Month Amaan will be celebrated on the WCSQM website, on social media, and at WCSQM’s virtual Awards Ceremony on 18th March. The WCSQM Student of the Month Character Campaign is open to all students of WCSQM accredited primary, secondary and special schools.

Visit the Student of the Month page to learn more about Amaan’s submission, and a full list of student of the month winners and commendations.

The Student Character Campaign supports the WCSQM characteristics web-based application to which schools can subscribe. It gives students of all ages easy and independent access to our framework, which they can use to understand, develop, demonstrate and celebrate  their World Class characteristics. Contact us for more information, and to organise a demo for your school.

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