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Westcountry Schools Trust

Westcountry Schools Trust

Westcountry Schools Trust (WeST) are extremely pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with the World Class Schools network. The ability to share, collaborate and network with other trusts in the World Class Trust family was one not to be missed. We know that our fantastic students will relish connecting with, and sharing learning experiences, with students from across World Class Trusts.

WCSQM Accredited Westcountry Schools Trust schools

Ivybridge Community College

Westcountry Schools Trust schools working towards WCSQM accreditation

Hele’s School, Plymouth


Transform Trust

Transform Trust

We believe our children at Transform Trust are simply World Class. Being part of WCSQM not only endorses our belief but gives our children the autonomy and opportunity to define what it means – and looks like – to be ‘World Class’ today.  As an external platform created entirely for children, WCSQM aligns with our holistic approach of developing positive characteristics of the whole child – as it encourages pro-active participation, a sense of community and provides invaluable experiences and enhancements to their enrichment journey. 

Our family of twenty schools across Derby and Nottingham are based in loving, vibrant and diverse communities that experience a range of social and economic inequality. We know that quality, inclusive education, inside and outside of the classroom, is the key to equality and better life chances. Underpinned by an inspiring and relevant curriculum and our core values – RESPECT, KINDNESS, EQUALITY, CREATIVITY – our extracurricular activities and experiences are designed to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and develop their character. We want to instil within our children a sense of purpose and a firm belief that they can achieve wonderful things. We will never tire of finding new ways to build resilience and confidence, spark curiosity and engagement and encourage empathy, respect and tolerance. We believe these are the essential values and life skills our children need to exceed expectations, fulfil their potential and positive roles as true global citizens within ever-changing communities.

Find out more at: 

WCSQM Accredited Transform Trust Schools

Transform Trust Schools working towards WCSQM accreditation

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Academy Trust

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Academy Trust

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust is made up of a group of eight schools working together to provide the best opportunities for every child. A core aspect of the collaborative working is to ensure good Catholic education for all, upholding the key mission of ensuring that Christ is at the centre of all of that we do.

The key strength of all of the schools is that they are all distinctive and rooted within their parish communities. We intend to maintain the distinctive nature of each of the schools whilst sharing recognised good practice across the board to build an established Trust of excellence.

For more information visit

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Academy Trust WCSQM Accredited Schools

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Academy Trust schools working towards WCSQM accreditation

Spencer Academies Trust

Spencer Academies Trust

The Spencer Academies Trust are delighted to become one of several prestigious World Class Academy Trusts. The Trust is proud of its world class heritage – Wyndham Spencer Academy was one of the first primary schools to be accredited as World Class, whilst Rushcliffe Spencer and George Spencer Academies were the first World Class secondaries in the East Midlands Area. St Giles Spencer is also a flagship world class special school.
This partnership recognises the very special students that The Spencer Academies Trust helps to foster and the Trust are excited about several other schools across all phases also gaining World Class status in this, their tenth year as MAT.

“We are thrilled to cement our fantastic partnership with World Class Schools even further,” said Trust Secondary Director Fraser Mitchell. Angela O’ Brien, Trust Primary Director, added “It’s all about the opportunities World Class presents for our students – and we want to open even more doors to this for more of them”.

Find out more about the Spencer Academies Trust: 

World Class accredited Spencer Academies Trust schools

Spencer Academies Trust Schools working towards WCSQM Accreditation

Sapientia Education Trust

Sapientia Education Trust

Sapientia Education Trust currently runs 16 schools in Norfolk and Suffolk.  Our vision is to provide ‘ a world class education, locally, enabling every pupil to flourish.’ We have 6 secondary schools and 10 primary schools. Our schools differ in context and style, but share a commitment to providing a world-class education, locally.  Our schools include two accredited World Class schools:  Wymondham College, the largest state boarding school in the country and Seething and Mundham Primary School, serving a rural community in Norfolk.   Collectively we educate around 6000 pupils and employ over 1000 staff.
Our vision of education is strongly focussed on providing a well rounded, holistic education. Our schools actively promote character education and ensure that pupils are provided with life changing opportunities, within and beyond the classroom. In a recent Ofsted report Rockland St Mary Primary School was described as ‘ small school offering big opportunities.’  The extra-curricular life of our schools is strong – sport, music, drama, debating, cadets, Duke of Edinburgh all feature heavily in our secondary schools, as do regular trips and visits in all of our schools – extending learning beyond the classroom. Our schools are vibrant places, that encourage curiosity and questioning. Pupils are at the heart of all we do.
This is underpinned by a strong commitment to high academic standards.  Our record of school improvement is strong. As Ofsted reported at Attlebourgh Academy the trust has ‘added ambition … expertise and impetus.’  Crucially, we believe that a world-class education is not just about grades and results – it’s about instilling belief and confidence in our pupils so that they can flouish.  We are a distinctive trust and look forward to collaborating with other trusts nationally, who share our passion for a genuinely world-class education.

World Class accredited Sapientia Education Trust schools

Sapientia Education Trust Schools working towards World Class accreditation


Finham Park Multi Academy Trust

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust: Elevating the educational experience of children in Coventry and Warwickshire by providing a World Class education, unique opportunities and fantastic experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The FPMAT Vision statement:

“Schools in the Finham Park Multi Academy Trust will set out to pioneer, innovate and deliver a “World Class” education for all children from the age of 3-19 where the artificial barriers of stage and age are removed. Our education will aim to exceed the highest national and international benchmarks for academic achievement, whilst ensuring young people develop a passion for learning in all its contexts and are ready to take their place as active members of our global community. The schools in Finham Park Multi Academy Trust will seek to move beyond collaboration and into co-construction – ensuring our education is developed with and by all members to reflect the needs of our children, their families and the wider community.”

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust was created in March 2015, with the aim of creating a small Coventry/West Midlands based Multi Academy Trust. Our Trust aims to exceed the highest national and international benchmarks for academic achievement, whilst ensuring young people develop a passion for learning in all its contexts and are ready to take their place as active members of our global community. We are immensely proud of our schools, which include a vibrant mix of Primary and Secondary schools, representing a diverse range of communities that we are honoured to serve, we welcome collaboration with other local schools and Trusts, to take our values and ethos into the wider demographic.

For more information visit:


World Class accredited Finham Park MAT Schools

Finham Park School, Coventry


Finham Park MAT schools working towards WCSQM accreditation


Trinity Academy Trust

Trinity Academy Trust

In 2010, when Trinity Academy Halifax (TAH) opened in Calderdale, the plan was to address a decade of underperformance at secondary school level. Since then, that academy has been rated as ‘outstanding’ twice. It has also established Trinity Institute of Education and the West Yorkshire Maths Hub, both of which have helped to raise pupil performance in hundreds of schools across the country.

In 2015 Trinity MAT was established. It now contains ten academies covering from nursery stage through to post-16, including two brand new secondary schools that opened in September 2021, plus a further new secondary free school planned in the near future. The MAT has seen numerous educational changes but our vision remains constant – all our students will be given every opportunity to gain the knowledge, habits, values and ambition to achieve their aspirations; their education will be transformational, and that is as complicated as we allow it to become.

For more information visit 

World Class accredited Trinity Academy Trust Schools

Trinity Academy Trust schools working towards WCSQM accreditation

Carlton Academy Trust

Carlton Academy Trust

We are a new academy trust, which will comprise of schools from both primary and secondary phases. The trust continually strives to attain the very highest standards, which is summed up in our mission statement ‘Excellence for All’, and aims to provide the very best education for all our students irrespective of individual circumstances or background.

For more information on the Carlton Academy Trust visit

World Class accredited Carlton Academy Trust schools

Carlton Bolling College, Bradford


Marshfield Primary School, Bradford

Carlton Academy Trust Schools working towards WCSQM accreditation

Carlton Mills Primary School, Bradford


Thorpe Primary School, Bradford


Carlton Keighley School, Bradford


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