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Mercia Learning Trust is a successful partnership of schools located in the south-west of Sheffield.  We are proud that our trust has a strong reputation for school effectiveness and improvement.

We share the same mission and moral purpose to ensure every pupil, whatever their background, will attend an exceptional school.  We believe pupils should enjoy school, feel safe and fully supported, be inspired to learn, develop character and aspiration, and realise their full potential.  We are so committed to pupil success and well-being that we choose to think of every pupil as if they are our own, and to measure our actions and impact against this.

We describe our approach to partnership as ‘Aligned Autonomy’.  We share the same mission and values, have lots of common best practice and benefit from our combined resources and reputation. Nevertheless, we understand that schools are unique and different. This balance between difference and commonality is a key feature of our trust.

We want every pupil to realise their potential and to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. We expect a great deal from every pupil and these expectations are expressed in our six trust values:

Ambition – we expect pupils to want to be the best they can be, to aspire to achieve success at school and in later life.

Strength – we expect pupils to develop strength of character, determination and resilience to overcome the inevitable barriers to success that all people face.

Passion – we expect pupils to become inquisitive and develop a thirst for knowledge and learning.

Independence – we expect pupils to be organised, prepared and to develop personal responsibility.

Respect – we expect pupils to show good manners, kindness, tolerance and exemplary behaviour at all times.

Endeavour – we expect pupils to work hard, to fully engage and enjoy all aspects of school life: and preserve a healthy balance that maintains their wellbeing.

Alongside our pupils, our staff are our greatest asset.  We are committed to recruiting, developing, retaining and caring for our exceptionally talented and committed staff teams. Mercia Learning Alliance supports the recruitment of new teachers into the profession and helps us provide system leadership across the sector.

We are ambitious and forward-thinking, and fully committed to maintaining and improving pupil experience and outcomes, and developing our trust. We believe we are well-placed to engage in careful and sustainable growth in the light of our Trust mission and priorities.


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