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We believe our children at Transform Trust are simply World Class. Being part of WCSQM not only endorses our belief but gives our children the autonomy and opportunity to define what it means – and looks like – to be ‘World Class’ today.  As an external platform created entirely for children, WCSQM aligns with our holistic approach of developing positive characteristics of the whole child – as it encourages pro-active participation, a sense of community and provides invaluable experiences and enhancements to their enrichment journey. 

Our family of twenty schools across Derby and Nottingham are based in loving, vibrant and diverse communities that experience a range of social and economic inequality. We know that quality, inclusive education, inside and outside of the classroom, is the key to equality and better life chances. Underpinned by an inspiring and relevant curriculum and our core values – RESPECT, KINDNESS, EQUALITY, CREATIVITY – our extracurricular activities and experiences are designed to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and develop their character. We want to instil within our children a sense of purpose and a firm belief that they can achieve wonderful things. We will never tire of finding new ways to build resilience and confidence, spark curiosity and engagement and encourage empathy, respect and tolerance. We believe these are the essential values and life skills our children need to exceed expectations, fulfil their potential and positive roles as true global citizens within ever-changing communities.

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