Tassomai (Nominated by Sandringham School)

Company Profile

Tassomai's adaptive algorithm tailors itself to the user, targeting areas where they are weakest and reinforcing their understanding of the subject.

Whilst students learn, teachers can immediately see where students are excelling or struggling, and can explore this data down to the finest level of topic detail. They can quickly see which students need particular attention, targeting intervention and therapy where needed and maximising time spent with students.

  • Board-specific, multiple choice micro-quizzes, written by subject specialists
  • Parents receive a detailed progress report every week
  • Builds knowledge and boosts confidence
  • Reduces exam stress and the need for cramming
  • Works on computers, smartphones and tablets

It's flipped learning the best way I've ever seen it used

David Back, Assistant Headteacher

Tassomai is the future of learning.

Mr Malik, Head of Science

Tassomai is revolutionary, it has changed my attitude to science and it took the stress out of my exams.

Tom, Year 11 student

Tassomai WCSQM Awards Ceremony 2018

Tassomai sponsored the WCSQM Awards Ceremony in December 2018

Exclusive offer for World Class Schools:

Tassomai is pleased to offer World Class Schools 10% off.

Schools are free to use this discount in conjunction with other offers.

Contact: Tassomai's Customer Service team: enquiries@tassomai.com

Website: www.tassomai.com

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