Amaan, Year 13

Amaan, Year 13

WCSQM Characteristic demonstrated:

I am an excellent learner dedicated to life-long learning

Congratulations to Amaan who demonstrated not just one but every characteristic in the Learners WCSQM framework.

Download Amaan’s submission form for an overview of his World Class learning characteristics.

Sherbourne Fields School


Commitment to achievement: I have an area of expertise or specialism…

Emilia, Year 11, The Hertfordshire and Essex School and Science College


I exercise intellectual curiosity and work independently, creatively and inventively…

Freya, Year 9, Weatherhead High School  

I am an excellent learner dedicated to life-long learning…

Natalie, Year 9, Sir Jonathan North College

Eemaan, Year 9, Sir Jonathan North College

Amira,  Year 9, Sir Jonathan North College


Workplace: I am highly employable…

Sarah, Year 13, St Mary’s College

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