Hector Brice

Hector Brice

I am an active participant in my school, local or relevant communities because I …

d…communicate effectively

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens.” Shinichi Suzuki said this, he is the person who set up the Suzuki method. 

Suzuki – the way I learn violin – is as part of a team. We meet every couple of weeks to play and learn together, and to practise for concerts. We also practise communication. We do music mind games that help us communicate better, by listening to each other, working as a team and making a good sound all together. 

It is not about one person being the star – everyone contributes together and is respected. From the teachers who are amazing violinists to the beginners who can’t play with fingers yet, everyone is included. 

Suzuki is a community. My teacher is also now my friend and I have made friends through Suzuki I would never have met. It has made me a much better communicator because you have to listen to each other for it to work. That is true for music but I think it is also true for life.

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