Isla Shenton, Year 7

Isla Shenton, Year 7

I have worked with, and learned from, individuals among the best in their field, with appropriate local, national, and international experience

I currently ice skate at a very high standard and compete for GB. Due to my incredible experience of ice skating through the years, I have worked with many experience ice skaters and they have taught me a great deal of skills, knowledge and determination. I have explored skating through local, national and international basis, training all over the world and competing in many different settings. I am very proud of what I do and I put all my efforts into my hard schedule to ensure I am the best.

Congratulations Isla on your World Class determination and skating skills

Trinity Academy St Edward's

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I am an excellent learner dedicated to lifelong learning…

Emilia Gomez Carrasco, Year 7, Natalie Maciejewska & Nehir Dalkilic, Year 8, St Anne’s Catholic School for Girls

Zoe Price, Year 9, Weatherhead High School


I have an area of expertise or specialism

Oliver Jay Bentley, Year 7, Trinity Academy St Edward’s




I am totally committed to and engaged with the community I am serving

Finley Wilson, Year 7, Trinity Academy St Edward’s

I research and understand what the community I am serving needs

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We have developed a relationship with a Ukrainian support organisation based in the Manchester area. Following a whole school collection of essential items for the Ukrainians a group of Year 8 students decided they wanted to record a song and attempt to get people to stream it to raise money for the Ukrainian appeal. The song has now been recorded and is available via streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify. We are really proud of these students and the effort they have gone to in order to support the needs of vulnerable communities and raise awareness of social issues.

Listen to the Lymm High School Year 8 recording of Imagine via YouTube below

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