Oskar Fauvrelle

Oskar Fauvrelle

I am an active participant in my school, local or relevant communities because I …

a…ensure I am accountable for my performance; I identify constraints to my performance and accept ownership of problems and responsibility for solving them.

I have demonstrated this when I went to a skate competition in Folkestone at a skatepark called F51 (the worlds first multi-story skatepark). I demonstrated this quality because when I was trying a trick down the stairs, I couldn’t’ t quite get my landing correct. I changed my approach a number of times but still couldn’t get it correct. However, I never gave up and showed responsibility to solve my problem of landing. I kept on practicing my landing until I did it correctly and seamlessly. To get the landing perfect I had to move my foot a little bit more forwards.

The Charter School North Dulwich


Anaya Gupta, Year 4, Escrick CE Primary School

I am… caring

I am caring because as a Christmas gift me and my brother Ansh made hot cocoa reindeer for my mum and dad.


Tyler Lawrence, Key stage 3,  Sherbourne school

I consistently out-perform students from similar contexts, and I am committed to continually improving my performance because I…

a…know how to develop positive relationships with different groups of people

Tyler is always willing to work with others who are within the class, as well as with those who are from different classes when we explore teams within different contexts. 


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