Tarunpreet, Year 14

Tarunpreet, Year 14

I consistently out-perform students from similar contexts, and I am committed to continually improving my performance

Congratulations to Tarunpreet, September’s student of the month in the Commitment to Achievement category for…

  • building outstanding professional relationships with his teachers, therapists and school staff
  • learning to understand English – a language new to him since his arrival in the UK from Indian in 2013
  • his outstanding commitment to learning how to use his eyes to control his communication aid, which is both physically demanding and requires constant learning and adaption.
  • Using his Eyegaze technology to participate in a number of curriculum enrichment experiences including being part of the school orchestra, and participating in a reverse job fair.
  • Working tirelessly to learn how to control his electric wheelchair using a variety of switches around his head and arms. His commitment to mastering this skill means he is now ready to learn the road safety and awareness skills needed to help him use his wheelchair at home and in his local community.

Congratulations Tarunpreet, you are truly World Class.

Download Tarunpreet’s submission form for full details of his World Class characteristics.


Sherbourne Fields School

Commendations go to…

I exercise intellectual curiosity, and work independently, creatively and inventively

Aniela Jablonska, Year 11, St Mary’s College, HullWCSQM SOM nomination – Aniela.docx

“Aniela’s inquisitiveness and curiosity were immediately evident in our early lessons together where she regularly contributed to intellectual conversations via question and input in class. Since then, Aniela has also demonstrated these qualities beyond our designated learning time and more recently, during remote learning.”

Download Aniela’s submission form for full details of her World Class characteristics

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