Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool, by Trinity College Cambridge

Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool, by Trinity College Cambridge

When: Select weekdays 3.30pm – 4.15pm (live – virtual)

An exciting series of programmes for World Class teachers and subject leaders on sparking a passion for your subject

World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) and Trinity College Cambridge bring you a unique programme that aims to work with teachers to frame the A Level curriculum content in the context of studying the subject at university. This programme aims to offer a time-effective and accessible means of sparking a passion and interest in a teacher’s subject area to effectively teach students how what they are learning in school is applied at university.  

Making links with a university subject department can have enormous benefits for teachers and for their students. The programme will offer up-to-date, useful information to support teachers in advising their post-16 students through their journey to higher education. Effective learning starts with learner relevance, and every subject can prove valuable once a student sees a connection between the content and their life.

What to expect

Trinity academics will lead an online teacher CPD session focusing on passion for their subject. The sessions will last approx. 30mins and are open to the academic’s choice in terms of content. It could be presenting an interesting area of research/study, discussing content taught at undergraduate level, subject links to A Level content (or lack of), interesting hints and tips to encourage passion in the subject area.

This programme aims to offer a time-effective and accessible means of sparking a passion and interest in a teacher’s subject area to effectively teach students how what they are learning in school is applied at university.

Who can attend?

Teachers and subject leaders from primary, secondary and special schools are welcome to attend. Attendance is FREE, however attendees will need to register in advance using the link provided.

When will sessions take place?

Following a hugely successful pilot programme in the Michaelmas term 2020/21, the programme is expanding to include a wider range of subject sessions to take place in 2021. Wherever possible these will take place on a weekday 3:30-4:15pm. Details and dates of upcoming sessions can be found via the links below. Sessions will be recorded and shared with all attendees that have signed up in advance, so even if you can’t make the session date / time you can sign up anyway to ensure you receive the recording after the event.

Upcoming sessions

Computer Science

Led by Frank Stajano, Professor of Security and Privacy at Trinity College Cambridge who is passionate about: systems security, privacy in the electronic society and ubiquitous computing.  

During COVID 19, he has set up the YouTube Channel Frank Stajano explains making his undergraduate Introductory Algorithms course publicly available. 

When: 8th February 2021 3.30pm – 4.15pm (live – virtual)

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Modern Foreign LanguagesEmma Widdis Trinity College

Led by Emma Widdis,  Professor of Russian and Film Studies at Trinity College Cambridge  who is passionate about: modern foreign languages and cinema  

When: March 1st 2021 3.30pm – 4.15pm (live – virtual)

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For each session the subject specialists work with teaching leads / practitioners to produce an A level teaching resource to help teachers apply the session in the classroom. If you’re a Modern Foreign Languages / Computer Science teacher interested in working with our subject specialists to help produce this, please do get in touch.

Mathematics Dr Ems Lord

Dr Ems Lord, Director of the NRICH, member of The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Teaching Profession, member of the Joint Mathematical Council, a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teachers and  a research fellow at Clare Hall College, Cambridge.  

is passionate about: rich mathematical tasks for students 

When: March 8th  2021 3.30pm – 4.15pm (live – virtual)

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Check out, if you haven’t already,  the amazing free mathematics remote learning  resources provided by the NRICH 

Downloadable resources for past sessions

Imre Leader, Professor of Mathematics, Trinity College Cambridge


Led by Imre Leader, Professor of Pure Mathematics, Trinity College Cambridge, who is passionate about Combinatorics and the game Othello

Download the CHOMP A level Classroom Resource created by Imre Leader and Thomas Bayle, Teacher of Mathematics at World Class Thomas Mills High School, to explain and implement the Chomp Mathematics teaching method demonstrated during the session.

Find more information about studying Maths at Cambridge and studying Maths at Trinity. 


Led by Dr Christopher Rauh a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics,  University of Cambridge who  is passionate about economics. He is  currently  thinking, writing and commenting on COVID 19 Beyond the Virus. 

During the session Chris demonstrated a teaching method linked to the following exam question used by OCR in June 2019:

“Between 2011 and 2016 the total government subsidy provided for each university student fell from £14 000 to £10 000 per student. Evaluate, using an appropriate diagram(s), the effects of reducing the subsidy for university education.”

View a recording of the session here. Download the SPTT Economics Classroom Resource, kindly put together by Andrew Somerville, teacher of Economics at The Charter School, North Dulwich.

Find more information about studying Economics at Cambridge and studying Economics at Trinity.

Medicine (with a focus on biology and chemistry)

Led by Dr Richard Hayward, senior lecturer in Microbiology, University of Cambridge  who is passionate about molecular, structural and cellular microbiology

Access the Medicine Passion session recording and download resources developed from the session by St Mary’s College, Hull, to help you implement the learning techniques in your classroom.

Find more information about studying Medicine at Cambridge and studying Medicine at Trinity.


These are just a few of the comments received from staff attending these sessions:

“Excellently delivered, relevant and engaging.”

“Superbly engaging and inspiring talk. Many thanks for taking the effort and providing such an expert to address us.”

“Biology is phenomenal! Will be extending my explanation on how bacteria make us ill using Richard’s resources.”

“The video was very interesting and something I will share with my students.”

For your students’ passion…

Trinity College Cambridge are also offering the following online masterclasses for all students in Year 11 with a passion for their subject

Women in Maths Online Masterclass Programme 2020/21

Online Languages Masterclass Programme 2020/21


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