Who can access the app?

The app can be purchased for use by any non-selective state school or educational institution in the UK or internationally, to be used by students from primary school up to the age of 18.

What do students need to be able to access the app?

A smartphone (or any other internet-enabled device) and for secondary students, a school email address.

Do schools have to have a minimum number of students either in school or signed up to use the app, in order to use it?

No, there’s no upper or lower limit to the number of students you have using the app in your school.

Is teacher supervision required in order for students to use the app?

No, the app is designed to be used by students independently, There are ‘ How to’ videos incorporated into the app for students and examples given throughout, so where support is needed, students should be able to access this independently. Where students may have additional queries bespoke to their own submissions or understanding of the characteristics, they have the option of submitting a query to their teacher / nominated staff member, via the app. Once students complete each area they submit their work for teacher review, sign off and feedback.

Should the evidence students submit via the app be restricted to their experiences at school?

No. The uniqueness of the WCSQM app is that it goes beyond the school curriculum to focus on the development and demonstration of characteristics that are transferable, internationally translatable and future-ready. These are the skills that will create not just World Class students, but World Class citizens.

Can students use the app at home as well as at school?

Absolutely. The web-based platform of the WCSQM app means it can be accessed via any internet browser on any device, so it can be conveniently accessed at any time.

Are teachers and parents able to support students with their submission?

Of course. The language used to describe the characteristics, particularly for the secondary framework is deliberately professional and not dumbed down. This is so that students are supported to think of themselves in the language of professionalism. They will need help with this. When they first start using the app students may need some support identifying what they’ve done or could do, that can be submitted as evidence of a World Class characteristic. We often find that students will be displaying an array of brilliant World Class skills and competencies on a daily basis without even realising it. The guides and examples on the app will help with this, but sometimes a steer in the right direction from a teacher or parent can also help students to build the confidence they need to recognise and create those World Class experiences.

How would the app be incorporated into the curriculum?

One of the benefits of the app is that it goes across the whole curriculum because students cannot learn if they do not have the right characteristics for learning. Schools can therefore use the app as they see fit. For example:

  • PSHE curriculum
  • Careers curriculum
  • Remote curriculum
  • Inclusion agenda
  • ‘Off timetable’ days
  • Tutor time
  • Thread characteristics’ development through the curriculum and link to individual units of work
  • Alternative KS4 curriculum
  • Transition, Year 2 – 3, 6 – 7, 11 – 13
  • Values, ethos, rights and respect agenda
  • Focusing on a characteristic per day/ week
  • Pupil voice
    • The pupil council lead the process
    • Student ambassadorial team set up to lead on each area
    • Prefect/ head boy/ girl systems
  • Parental engagement
  • ‘Closing the gap’ pupil premium/ free school meal/ vulnerable pupils’ characteristic development
  • Incorporate into schools’ reward and celebration programme
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • 6th form enrichment programme and preparation for higher/ further education applications and employment applications

If our students are using the app do we qualify for WCSQM accreditation?

Yes, once you have a number of students modelling World Class characteristics you can apply to become WCSQM accredited. Visit the Moving Towards Accreditation page for more information and details on how to apply.

Is there a charge for subscription?

Yes, there is an annual fee to subscribe to the app, and this is reduced to a biennial fee for accredited schools that have use of the app for the duration of their two-year accreditation term. As a charity we subsidise the cost of subscription and assessment as much as we can, to make it accessible for all schools and we provide special rates for MATs setting up a subscription for multiple schools within their Trust.

How do I subscribe?

At the current time, we are taking no new subscribing schools.


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