BlueSky is the award-winning online leadership and management tool, which helps schools to elevate standards by putting people at the centre of a professional dialogue.


BlueSky, the complete World Class solution

Our simple, effective, tailored appraisal solution transforms the way schools organise staff performance and development. Staff are empowered to take charge of their own professional learning through deep insight into the impact of their work on the wider organisation.

BlueSky is used in over 40 countries worldwide and can be adapted to align with the standards, culture and processes of your organisation. 

Engage and develop your people aligned to strategic goals. 


  • Target professional learning to build capacity and improve retention.
  • Create an agile objective cycle aligning activities to school and team priorities.
  • Use granular reports to access a 360 perspective for an individual and initiate real time support and intervention.

Quality Assurance 

  • Adapt BlueSky to create a quality assurance approach that reflects your organisation’s culture.
  • Gather holistic intelligence to influence strategic decision-making through tailored work flows, from formal observations to instructional coaching and developmental drop-ins. 
  • Use insights to triangulate impact and validate CPD outcomes.

Professional Learning 

  • Leverage the powerful platform to support the streamlining of professional learning. House your entire CPD programme and content.
  • Build a culture of collaboration and a shared understanding of the impact of professional learning on organisation goals.

BlueSky Learning

BlueSky Learning provides easy to access, flexible learning modules for individuals, schools and trusts, and includes access to BlueSky’s market-leading platform to track and evidence impact. 

Comprehensive and flexible modules, tailored to individual pathways, accessible anywhere, anytime. 

120+ hours of research-based and practitioner-led modules provide focused interactive learning sessions that enhances current knowledge, develops new skills and improves strategies for classroom teaching and behaviour management. Individuals use BlueSky’s award-winning portable portfolio to build a complete record of their CPD journey. Senior Leaders use BlueSky’s market-leading tool to report, track engagement and evidence impact.

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The Emerging Revolution: Appraisal, Performance Management & Professional Learning Research Report

BlueSky Education’s recent research into changing practices of appraisal found that many schools are revising their approach to performance management. Our research, combined with other professional literature, considers how changing processes in performance management and appraisal might evolve so that professional learning becomes the top priority in conversations about performance and, therefore, one of the most important drivers for school improvement.

Download the report here 

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