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Set up in 2008, Hi-Impact Consultancy is now embedding technology into the curriculum for scores of education providers with its exciting and engaging experiences in the world of science, computing, engineering and creative media.

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Hi-Impact Consultancy

Hi-Impact Consultancy (Nominated by Liscard Primary School)

Whether sending 360 degree cameras into space to gain footage and data of the Earth’s atmosphere or creating an immersive Virtual Tour of a school to support the SEN agenda, hi-impact continues to push the boundaries within Education.

The Consultancy team is made up of experienced, qualified teachers who bring a wide range of teaching experience to Hi-Impact. Each has a passion for the use of innovative technology and creative media to engage pupils and motivate them to learn. These consultants work in primary, secondary and independent schools all over the country to strategically plan the integration of technology across the curriculum, provide workshops for children and deliver professional development for staff. Our team strives to ‘think outside the box’ developing new ideas to engage children and teachers. From themed ‘Robot Weeks’ to sending cameras and science experiments to the edge of space on helium filled weather balloons – projects that not only engage schools and communities but get national press recognition.

Supporting the integration of new technologies are the highly skilled Technical Support Team who not only work alongside consultants and teachers to ensure the technology is fully utilised and integrated but also continue to develop our very robust network infrastructure. From safe Internet to futureproof WiFi, from class computers to sets of iPads and from server hardware to cloud backup – hi-impact technicians provide the complete solution to school IT services. Additionally, the company is established as an Internet Service Provider to the education sector and offers secure and reliable connectivity to over half of Wirral’s primary schools.

The company anticipates continuous growth over the next 5 years on both a national and international level. hi-impact has the opportunity and ability to work with other local authorities around the country where IT provision to schools is lacking. With schools in Cumbria, Suffolk, York, Leeds and London already on board, it is offering services that education providers are struggling to find.

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