The IHEART Schools & Teacher Training Programme is our response to the mental health crisis facing our youth.

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Our vision is to catalyse a step-change in how young people perceive their wellbeing and mental health, creating resilient adults and contributing members of society. We achieve this by focusing on:

  • Early education, prevention and sustainable solutions
  • Mental wellness rather than mental illness
  • Learning how to access the innate potential and wellbeing that all children possess
  • Understanding the thinking that drives destructive behavior

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Case Studies:

Secondary School Case Study – Hear from the pupils themselves.

In the words of the Assistant Headteacher: “I haven’t seen anything work as positively as this programme, with students that you would not expect… I am staggered by the results we got with this intervention.”

Primary School Feedback

Headteacher describes the enormous impact of the IHEART programme and why he chose to prioritise building resilience before focusing on Maths and English.

Training and Programmes for Teachers and Educational Leaders:

We have designed 3 training programme options for teachers and professionals in the field of education and youth work to become certified facilitators of the IHEART Curriculum.

  • Twilights & in-School Delivery (minimum: 6 staff members)
  • Webinars & 3-Day Seminar (minimum: 6 staff members)
  • IHEART Facilitator Training (no minimum number of participants)

In all options, participants will receive:

  • Full access to the Online Resource Portal (IRP) to enable programme delivery
  • Short webinar revision tutorials to guide delivery of each lesson, plus access to additional teaching and resource materials
  • Access to entire series of professionally designed animation videos
  • Hard copy curriculum and student handbook
  • 1 x one-to-one mentoring session
  • 2 x follow-up webinars

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Exclusive World Class offer

IHEART are offering a 10% discount on their training programmes (for groups of 6 or more) to WCSQM accredited schools.


If you would like further information on IHEART’s programmes for your teachers and for pricing, please do get in touch.

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