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The Life Skills Network is a small UK based charity focusing on helping young people in the UK who are in the process of making the transition from education into the workplace.

Life Skills Network

Why were these courses made?

The courses arose out of a 30 year life in corporate consultancy – employers’ complaints, young people’s requests and observation at a range of work sites resulted in a ‘laundry list’ of ‘gaps in education’ which were translated into short courses, and initially piloted at the Waterloo Job shop.

Four of these are geared specifically to addressing how best to approach, and extract the greatest benefit from a volunteering internship, for young people taking that first step into any workplace.

What are these four courses?

They are: Every workplace, Transition from Education into work, Get your CV seen by a Human, and Basic Internet Savvy.

Where are these courses housed?

The educational units are safely housed by a SCORM compliant Learning Management System on the cloud. Transfer of these SCORM packages (one per course) to any organisation’s Virtual Learning Environment or the lead static computer in their IT suite. The transfer would be done by the platform staff, direct, on our confirmation that the license has been signed & paid for. A support note would be provided to the IT specialist in the purchaser’s organsiation.

Who can use them?

Though designed initially as a stand-alone set of units, they can be used as extension material to careers guidance already offered , as a piece of insight into ‘what we’re finding on the ground’.

Who is eligible to access these units?

All schools and Further Education establishments teaching pupils aged 15-19 are eligible to access these e-learning units. So are training organisations offering Apprenticeships to companies. We can make special arrangements for individual log-ins to the LMS – just ask.

If this is an option which appeals to you because you would like detailed feedback on individual student engagement, please contact us.

How to contact the LSN

By email:

References and further information

Some sample pages from the three courses:

Sreela Banerjee – Goa talks: mindfulness – the science behind self respect

A bit more detail about these four courses:

  • ‘Every Workplace’ deals with the process of engaging with a volunteering position or an internship or any first encounter with the workplace
    It starts with how to ensure you get there in time, and ends with how to keep in touch with the organisation – in between it tells you how to think about the business you have entered, using three different business models. The intended effect is to say to the young people – businesses are really very different from schools, and also from each other.
  • ‘Transition from Education into Work’ deals with exactly that, focusing on the big picture first – so, ‘where in this landscape do I want to be’ – organisation structures, written communication, and how to interact with colleagues. It also has a section on how what they think and do will start to matter soon – this is a discussion piece looking at the work of government – and ministers answering questions. So, where should I look to see how I can influence things in the outside world… an introduction to that idea is an important empowerment tool, in our experience.
  • ‘Get your CV seen by a human’ deals with the use of Applicant Tracking Systems by recruiting agencies and companies – and suggests ways in which to interact with these systems. How to use keywords after one has a few ‘stories’ from one’s first volunteering or internship is a feature of this unit. The purpose of this unit is to show young people that everything they see, hear and participate in, whilst in any workplace is something which can be used in the CV later on in his/her career. Its purpose is to encourage self-reflection as a day to day activity, and keeping notes or a work journal as a bog-standard thing to do. This course gives them a good reason why those are useful things to do.
  • Basic Internet savvy deals with how to keep yourself and your employer safe, as you enter into any workplace – it has a short introduction to cyber security as well. The purpose of this course is to be self-aware, (it has a little section on personal scams to avoid as well) to become alert to what risks are posed to your own employer, as you do your day to day work.

All the learning objectives of these courses came from a single motivation: we wouldn’t like our own children not to know these things, as they step into the world of work.

Work with us

The Life Skills Network invites schools and training organisations to work with us – we need, between us, to promote that range of skills which will be appropriate for young people stepping into a world where Brexit is being implemented. We have a shared vision of young people coming into the world of work resilient, open to learning on the hoof, able to think critically, capable of self-reflection, engaged with the larger society, and eager to contribute to Britain thriving as we look outwards into the world for a range of partnerships in trade, education, medicine and culture. Our workforce is shrinking, and it is up to us to empower the young people being educated in the UK, to be the best that they can be and not fall behind those coming out of education in other countries – India, for example is about to introduce cyber security as a subject in all state schools.

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