Performance Learning

Performance Learning ensures interactivity between learners, parents and teachers; delivering all of Performance Learning’s proven skills as well as Key Stage 2 and 3, science and maths.

Performance Learning

Recommended by: Wymondham College

Over the past seven years Performance Learning’s trained teachers have helped some of the UK’s most under-performing pupils out-perform their peers and achieve results higher than the national average.

Performance Learning’s curricula and technology have been developed to give pupils not only the core academic skills they need to succeed, but to support their mental health and wellbeing, reduce exam anxiety, and give them the skills they need to become more resilient, happier learners. Their digital platform and cutting-edge assessments accurately predict, monitor and evaluate pupil performance, with an emphasis on both academic attainment and emotional and social wellbeing.

Their technology and curricula has been independently assessed by two universities and their weekly lessons (delivered by your teachers, following official training) provide measurable academic uplifts across science, maths, English and a wide range of non-core subjects along with dealing with core challenges pupils face today such as, sleep deprivation, retention and recollection of information, time management and addressing nerves, and anxiety (to name just a few).

Thousands of students, teachers and parents throughout the country have seen the impact Performance Learning can have on results and wellbeing. Schools are able to improve their grade prediction ability, students benefit from in-depth knowledge of their own progress and parents gain a vital insight into how their child is performing.

Bethany, a pupil in Year 6 at Beacon Academy Primary in Loughborough, said, “This has improved my organising and reading by 10000000% and it is so easy to do!”

Teacher Jannice Richthof at Saint Benedict Catholic Academy in Derby said, “These methods are similar to giving them a ‘Batman utility belt’ to succeed. Simple methods that build upon each other.”

Performance Learning is dedicated to improving how we teach our young people, to boost their confidence and love of learning and give them the best start in life.

World Class Schools Offers

Book a complimentary talk for your pupils

Tej Samani, founder of Performance Learning, is offering a no-obligation complimentary and inspiring talk to your pupils. Through his talk, your pupils will have the opportunity to meet an individual who truly understands the problems that they face today as they undertake their academic journey. Tej delivers the talk with a core focus on:

  • Year 6: SATs
  • Secondary transition
  • GCSE, A-level preparation
  • Defusing nerves, stress and anxiety
  • How to recall, retain and recollect information to help with exams or reading complex texts
  • Tips on how to get a significant return on exam preparation
  • Managing their time, sleep and wellbeing.

World Class Offer

  • A complimentary Performance Learning Online Assessment across any year group and multiple year groups.
  • A complimentary de-brief with the schools’ Senior Leadership Team.
  • Up to 10% off any agreed activities with the schools thereafter, ranging from any of our 23 INSET days to our full Performance Learning Technology and Curricula implementation within the school.
  • A further 1/2 refresher training at no charge.

Whenever a school deploys Performance Learning, they receive the following:

  • A licence to our Performance Learning Digital Platform for the agreed number of students.
  • 4 days of training for their teachers in the Performance Learning Curriculum World Class Schools Quality Mark Directory of Exhibitors.
  • Performance Learning (printed) pupil training manuals for the pupils to assist their weekly Performance Learning Lessons.
  • Parent Meetings delivered by one of our team.
  • 4-weekly review meetings with the teachers, our team and the Performance Learning Lead.
  • Pre-agreed prize/s based on the most improved student/s.

Support Post Training:

  • Introductory engagement lesson to be run by Performance Learning to brief the pupils.
  • One f-2-f meeting per month with the trained Performance Learning teachers.
  • Fortnightly phone call with Performance Learning.
  • Full year group assembly by Performance Learning.
  • Weekly email access to Tej Samani directly (as and when needed).
  • Half day refresher training (an exclusive add-on for World Class schools) any time the trained teachers feel they need it, treat this as a ‘peace of mind’ offer.
  • Staff-wide INSET day (they can choose from 1 of our 23 days – all different themes.

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