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Strengthening Minds offers a wide range of effective programmes, designed to help nourish and enrich the lives of young people.

Strengthening Minds

Strengthening Minds (Nominated by Harris Academy Beckenham)

With 49 schools nationwide operating in our network, we are passionate about building our community of facilitators. Each of our five core programmes offer a unique approach to arguably five of the most crucial issues that a young person faces – negative behaviour, low self-esteem, preparation for the future, their level of school engagement and building positive relationships at primary school.

Our Programmes

We offer programmes for students from 6 to 18 years of age, ensuring that every one of them has access to the support they deserve. All our programmes come with a deep and comprehensive evaluation system, allowing schools to keep track and monitor the progress its students are making.

We currently run two of the programmes at our Academy – they have had a real positive impact on both the mindset and behaviour of many students. When buying into the programme this includes the resources and training support.

Mr T Christopher, Assistant Principal, Harris Academy Beckenham

We believe that young people should be given the chance to express and explore their emotions in a safe, comfortable environment and our programmes offer them this much needed opportunity. From emotional development to professional development, each of our 10-week programmes have been carefully crafted to provide ground-breaking support for the young people participating and also for the members of staff delivering the sessions.

Strengthening Minds has developed an interactive ‘Growing through Lockdown’ wellbeing programme for students that can be delivered virtually or in a classroom setting.

Take ownership of your own bespoke programmes

Most importantly, with Strengthening Minds, any school can be equipped with the resources and training needed to deliver high quality and high impact programmes that genuinely make a difference to behaviour and mental well-being, both in and outside of school.

Our programmes come with in-depth workbooks, in which students are provided a personal space to keep track of their learning and their progress each week. These workbooks are packed full of reflective tasks and challenging activities, designed specifically to give young people the emotional support they need in a school environment. Our unique interactive-sessions run alongside these workbooks, allowing learning to remain a fun and engaging experience with games, challenges and visual stimuluses. Meanwhile, our comprehensive training and continued support means that every school, regardless of prior training, can run any of our programmes with confidence and start making a difference to young people’s lives immediately.

Why choose Strengthening Minds?

Thankfully, mental well-being is a topic that is becoming more prevalent in society today. However, effective solutions are far less evident and, as a result, schools are often presented with a problem, but not with an answer. At Strengthening Minds, we are dedicated to addressing this issue and through our ever-growing network of schools and fantastic programmes, we will continue to help young people grow.

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With every product purchased with training, quote WCSQM and you’ll receive a hard copy of either the Primary or Secondary 3D printing curriculum guide.

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