Mariam Alowoad, St Anne’s Catholic High School

Mariam Alowoad, St Anne’s Catholic High School

Can I just say what an amazing experience it was for all of us to take part in a project that allowed us to show off our amazing school. Along with the amazing experience it also showed us that although we unfortunately find ourselves in worrying times, we were able as a team to come together through online meetings, to not only show off a school that we love and are proud of, but also support each other through a new project that allows us to celebrate something. In this case it was our school, something that brings us all together and brings us joy. Therefore, I am not only extremely thankful for this opportunity on behalf of my team, but we are also extremely proud that we have finally been able to portray our school in the way it deserves to be seen. I hope you enjoy our application as much as we enjoyed making it.

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