The World Class Schools Quality Mark is awarded to schools in the UK and internationally whose students have demonstrated World Class skills and competencies by successfully completing an assessment process led by a team of shadow and qualified assessors, against the WCSQM assessment framework.

Accreditation follows BeWorldClass subscription. A school has to have subscribed to the BeWorldClass app to be shortlisted for accreditation.

There are two stages of assessment, ‘A Week in the Life of…’ video, and the Assessment Centre. Accrediting schools have to complete both stages to accredit, re-accrediting schools have to complete only stage two, the Assessment Centre. They can be completed in any order, although the Assessment Centre takes place at set times twice a year, in March and October.

The assessment process is student-led and the Assessment Centre is run by World Class alumni students. Accrediting schools are assessed by trained student assessors, overseen by qualified assessors.

Find out more about the benefits of WCSQM accreditation and the accreditation process. 

2022 accreditation

Our accrediting schools in 2022 will be carrying out a ‘light touch’ accreditation process, consisting of an app assessment in place of the two stage self-audit / assessment centre process.

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