As 2021 Virtual Assessment Centre hosts, St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School have nominated 8 World Class students to support each of the 8 participating teams. These Student Advisers are available throughout the project term to collaborate virtually with students, giving them an insight into the ethos at St Cuthbert’s School and providing any support and guidance required.

Meet the 2021 Assessment Centre Student Advisers

Matthew Weddle (left), Student Adviser for Team 1

Hello I am Matthew Weddle, a Year 12 student at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School Sixth Form. Currently I’m studying Chemistry, Geography and Music for my A-Levels.         Over the last year in lockdown I have been developing, like many others, the art of baking in an effort to keep spirits high within the family. And my spirits are particularly high for my role as Student Adviser where I am eager to aid and guide the team wherever I can during the course of the process.

Ken Sio (right), Student Adviser for Team 3

I am a student of St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School Sixth Form. I am in Year 12, studying Psychology, Chemistry and Biology. During lockdown, I learned the importance of communication with friends and others, as well as the importance of maintaining your mental health. As a student adviser, I will be looking forward to being able to interact with the team and be able to witness how their ideas and concepts will manifest into their final design proposal.
Ciaran Moscrop (left), Student Adviser for Team 4
Hi, I’m Ciaran, a Year 12 student at St Cuthbert’s Catholic high school studying Maths, Economics and History. During lockdown I taught myself to play the guitar and used that as a way to discover loads of new music. I am looking forward to taking part as a student advisor so I can support with the team with anything to help them achieve their goals, whilst sharing all the amazing things about our school.
Nathaniel Makarimayi (right), Team 5
Hello my name is Nathaniel Makarimayi and I am a student at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School. I am in year 12 and I’m currently studying physics, maths and design technology. During this lockdown I learned that I was really good at drawing as I had a lot of spare time so I filled some of it with arts and crafts. I am looking forward to being a student advisor because I’ll be able to work with and meet people with incredible minds and I can meet people who think differently to me. I believe that working with them will teach me many things and I will also teach them what I know.
Daniel Ghansah (left), Student Adviser for Team 6
I am currently studying A levels at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School Sixth Form. I am in year 12 studying maths, physics, and chemistry. During the lockdown, I understood it was essential to making the most of any opportunity and learned the keyboard showcases my progress occasionally to my family with small performances. As a student advisor, I am looking forward to meeting my team and viewing the ideas they have produced and how this will showcase the team’s problem-solving and creative abilities.
Alexander Baxter (right), Student Adviser for Team 7
Year 12
Studying: maths, chemistry, biology and music
What I learned about myself in lockdown: I learned that keeping your physical and mental wellbeing healthy during times like these can make the struggle of Covid a lot easier
I am looking forward to working with lots of various different people within World Class Schools.
Albert Allen (left), Student Adviser for Team 8
I am a Year 12 student attending St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School Sixth Form. I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths and Physics. During lockdown, I have realised the benefit of staying in contact with friends and pursuing my interests even during complicated times. In my role as student adviser, I look forward to being able to assist my team in the project and see the culmination of our work.

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