World Class Schools are required to prove their World Class status every two years, via a process of re-accreditation. Only schools that have retained (or regained) their Ofsted ‘outstanding’ status will be eligible to apply for reaccreditation.

Our aims for re-accreditation are to:

  • maintain quality and ensure schools in our network uphold World Class standards
  • keep the focus on assessing the students not the school
  • ensure robust assessment which tests that the schools are still World Class typically, day to day, consistently
  • provide unique CPD opportunities for staff
  • add value for students and give them access to an experience they would not get anywhere else
  • give students the benefit of membership of the World Class Alumni Association

Our students’ visit to their partner school, St. John the Baptist, was really rewarding. It has been so great collaborating with them over recent weeks. Our students have got a huge amount out of it.

Craig Walker, College Lead, Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull.

The Re-accreditation Process

The process involves two World Class school student teams working together. Each team reports on their own school, exchanges and comments on the report of their partner school, and carries out an exchange visit, during which they video their partner school in action as World Class.

The process is assessed by WCSQM:

  • WCSQM identifies for each re-accrediting school, after reviewing their original accreditation submission and performance, 4 – 6 skills and competencies that were either particular strengths or potential areas for development.
  • The school identifies a member of SLT to lead on the process and three students to be the student team (the students can be from any year group, but from an 11 – 18 setting it would suit Year 12, from an 11 – 16 setting, Year 10).
  • The student team is paired up with another World Class school’s student team.
  • Each student team completes a report form on how well the skills and competencies identified by WCSQM are developed among their student body, and sends the form to WCSQM and their partner school student team.
  • The partner school student team responds to the report form, identifying what they would like to see and video when they visit the school.
  • A peer to peer school student exchange takes place, where students see and video the World Class skills and competencies from their partner school, in action.
  • The visiting students complete a video during the exchange visit and edit it after the visit to an approximate maximum of 10 minutes in length.
  • The SLT lead comments on the World Class skills and competencies of the visiting students.
  • The video is signed off by the school visited.
  • The re-accrediting school submits the video and report to WCSQM on completion.

Our students learned so much from re-accreditation and really enjoyed it too.

Dan Sofianos, Assistant Principal, Harris Academy, Greenwich.

Benefits for the students taking part

We are confident that students will enjoy the process, which will afford them numerous opportunities, for example:

  • support for their UCAS submission / applications to further education / employment / apprenticeships
  • opportunities to:
    • work with World Class students from a partner school, and establish supportive, professional and potentially enduring relationships
    • learn how to network effectively
    • experience another World Class setting
    • develop
    • World Class skills and competencies
    • skills of project management
    • skills of organisational and institutional analysis
  • provide a World Class preparation for employment and education beyond school, so students have a significant edge over their competitors.

Participation in re-accreditation entitles students to bespoke references from WCSQM, in support of applications for further or higher education, or employment.

WCSQM has an Alumni Association, to which participating students will become automatic members; they will also become lifelong World Class Ambassadors.

Participating students are eligible to be shortlisted for WCSQM’s ‘Individual Student Achievement Award’. Shortlisted candidates are invited to join us for our annual Awards Ceremony in December, where they will receive an honourable mention, and the winner is announced.

Benefits for the schools include:

  • establishing whether your students are still World Class
  • reviewing your improvement since your previous accreditation
  • effectively using ‘student voice’ to self-evaluate and bring about improvement
  • exposure for your staff and students to what another World Class school is doing
  • establishing partnerships for your staff with other World Class schools.

This process requires truly World Class collaboration between both the students and the staff of the two schools for it to work. We set the bar very high.


WCSQM assessors will assess whether the school is eligible for re-accreditation according to whether their students still demonstrate World Class skills and competences.

Assessors will assess:

  • the evidence presented in the report and the video in terms of how robustly the school’s student cohort still demonstrates the identified four to six skills and competencies
  • how student teams role model all relevant World Class skills and competencies in the execution of all aspects of the re-accreditation process, for example, through their:
    • collaboration with their partner school student team
    • organisation
    • behaviours during the exchange visit
    • completion of the video.


Re-accredited schools will receive as their award, a new plaque with both the initial year awarded and the re-accredited year, so the school can celebrate the fact that it has been World Class over a sustained period of time.


Only institutions that have retained their Ofsted ‘outstanding’ judgement can apply for re-accreditation. The terms and conditions of re-accreditation are such that once re-accredited, and for any subsequent re-accreditation, if an institution loses its Ofsted ‘outstanding’ judgement, it ceases to be a World Class School.

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