World Class students showcase the World Class education provision at St Stephen’s School in Welling, as part of their reaccreditation process in 2021.

Every World Class school is required to undergo a process of re-accreditation every two years to prove their World Class status. World Class status is not a one off award. We believe a school has to maintain quality over time to be World Class. World Class schools continue to use the app to maintain their students’ World Class characteristics. Re-accreditation gives schools the opportunity to prove the accuracy of their in-school app assessment, with their students taking part in a unique, real-life workplace project management experience – the Assessment Centre.

Re-accreditation eligibility criteria and application process

In order to maintain accreditation, World Class schools will need to:

  • Have maintained student engagement with the WCSQM characteristics framework and submitted 6 student portfolios of completed framework areas for app assessment
  • Have registered for an Assessment Centre in March or October prior to the expiration of their accreditation period. (Visit the Assessment Centre page for more information on what to expect and administration fee)
  • Pass the Assessment Centre and App Assessment process.

Once re-accrediting schools successfully pass the App Assessment and Assessment Centre, they will be formally announced, celebrated and awarded at the WCSQM Awards Ceremony.  Re-accredited schools will continue to access the WCSQM characteristic framework app for the duration of their two-year accreditation process, benefiting from half price use of the app which is subscribed to annually by non-accredited schools.

If a re-accrediting school is unsuccessful in passing the process, they can renew their subscription to the  WCSQM app to identify and develop their students’ World Class skills and competencies, and they can apply for re-accreditation again at any time by successfully completing the App Assessment and Assessment Centre.

All accrediting and re-accrediting schools taking part in the Assessment Centre will receive detailed assessment reports on individual students and the school as a whole, identifying areas of strength and improvement. Reports can be used for overall school development and individual student reports can be used to support UCAS and other further education applications.

Our aims for re-accreditation are to

  • Maintain quality and ensure schools in our network uphold World Class standards
  • Keep the focus on assessing the students not the school
  • Ensure robust assessment which tests that the schools are still World Class typically, day to day, consistently
  • Provide unique CPD opportunities for staff
  • Add value for students and give them access to an experience they would not get anywhere else
  • Give students the benefit of membership of the World Class Alumni Association

“Our students learned so much from re-accreditation and really enjoyed it too.” Dan Sofianos, Assistant Principal, Harris Academy, Greenwich.

Benefits of re-accreditation

  • Establish whether the school’s students are still World Class
  • Provide the school with a mechanism to develop, recognise and celebrate the characteristics of your students that will ensure their success in the ever-changing global economy.
  • Give students that have started engaging with the WCSQM app in the two years since accreditation the opportunity to develop their World Class characteristics
  • Review the school’s improvement since your previous accreditation
  • Access to WCSQM assessment reports for internal evaluation and school development
  • Value for money – accredited schools receive access to the WCSQM app for half the price of non-accredited schools
  • The opportunity to graduate to the next level of accreditation, should the student usage threshold have increased since the previous assessment
  • The opportunity to celebrate the fact that the school has been World Class over a period of time.

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