The WCSQM Alumni Association has been set up for the benefit of students and is run by a group of dedicated committee of students, World Class alumni themselves. Introducing your Alumni Association Committee…

Hello everyone, my name is Elif and I am the Chair of the WCSQM Alumni Association! I have recently graduated Chelsea Academy and I am an undergraduate fresher reading Spanish and Portuguese at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Being involved with WCS since Year 10, I’m so lucky to be able to have an opportunity to create a support network for all World Class students and offer various projects to make our association into something brilliant.

Elif Karanis, Chair of the Alumni Association, and Alumni Chair of Humanities and Languages

Elif was nominated 2020’s Rising Star at the DSC Social Change Awards for her work setting up the WCSQM Alumni.

Hello, I’m Tanya one of the Vice Chairs for the WCSQM Alumni Association. I’m currently studying biomedical sciences with french at the University of Manchester. I have worked with WCSQM for five years now from participating in assessment centres for my school to a lead qualified assessor. The network has provided me with truly outstanding opportunities to grow and develop as well as meeting like minded and outstanding individuals of all ages. I look forward to more years with the ever growing organisation.

Tanya Dhliwanyo, Vice-Chair of the Alumni Association and Alumni Chair of Human Sciences

My name is Titus Takyi Adarkwa and I am the Vice Chair of the WCS Alumni Association. I am currently reading Design/Manufacturing Engineering at Coventry University. I am heavily interested in the automotive industry; specifically the improvements on lean manufacturing and fuels for a cleaner future. Although, I do dwell in the arts too. I love theatre and all that’s in between. This includes singing in front of an audience, dancing as a fun way to express yourself to visiting art galleries in spare time. I love problem solving and working in collaboration with people from all different walks of life to produce creative and innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.

Titus Takyi Adarkwa, Vice-Chair of the WCS Alumni Association and Alunni Chair of Performing Arts

My name is Chloe Smith and I’m the Alumni Chair of Technology and Engineering, as well as being a Deputy for Active Citizenship, and Physics and Mathematics. Currently I am a Year 13 studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science and an EPQ. Outside of sixth form, I do a variety of activities including fencing and robotics. I love doing anything related to technology, whether that be website design or cyber-security! My dream has long been to study at America’s prestigious MIT, and in 2020 I was lucky enough to be awarded a full scholarship place starting September 2021! I’m so grateful to WCSQM for supporting me with my application, without their personal reference that accompanied my submission I’m not sure I would have been offered a place.

Chloe Smith, Alumni Chair of Technology and Engineering

In 2019 WCSQM nominated Chloe for the Diana Award (which she went on to win!) in recognition of the selfless work she undertakes over and above her studies, work experience and many extracurricular commitments, to help improve the education and opportunities of WCSQM alumni students in schools UK wide.

I’m Jack Kennedy and your Alumni Vice-Chair for the Human Sciences interest group. I’m a Year 13 student studying Computer Science, English Literature and Geography (which I am applying for at university). Outside of the classroom, I work for a local food and drink network by promoting awareness and supporting North East producers. I also volunteer as a tutor-befriender and work with young people across Newcastle. Most importantly of all, I’m a dog lover with my black lab Ziggy.

Jack Kennedy, Vice-Chair of the Human Sciences Interest Group


If you have any ideas / queries you’d like to share with the committee, or to join the association as World Class alumni, you can contact the committee directly on

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