WCSQM accreditation stages assess the accuracy of the in-school assessment using the subscription app by testing the World Class characteristics of a selected student sample, in ‘real life’ and ‘real time.’

Eligibility criteria

Any school subscribed to the WCSQM characteristics framework app is eligible to apply for accreditation once they have a number of students using the app and modelling World Class characteristics. We liaise with schools individually to determine when their students are eligible to apply for accreditation on behalf of their school, to give them the best chance of success.

Stage 1 of the assessment process – video submission

The first stage of the assessment process is the completion and submission of ‘A Day in the Life of…’ video. The video, produced by a group of up to nine World Class Ambassador students, will demonstrate how World Class skills and competencies are evidenced, typically, on a day to day basis in school.

Note: The video submission is required only for schools accrediting for the first time. Once accredited, schools can re-accredit biennially by completing only the second stage of the assessment process – the Assessment Centre.

Watch the video below for a montage of the ‘A Week in the Life of…’ videos submitted by accrediting primary and secondary schools in 2021.

To see an example self-audit video in full visit the Thomas Jones School web page and watch the brilliant video made by their pupils as part of their accreditation application in 2018.

Stage 2 of the assessment process – the Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre is a real-life project management day designed to assess the World Class characteristics of a sample of up to six students (different to the students producing the video for Stage 1) from each accrediting school. Assessment Centres run at different locations bi-annually in June and October so schools can choose the date and location that is most convenient. Accredited schools will need their students to successfully complete the Assessment Centre biennially to maintain accreditation.

Visit the Assessment Centre page for more information and details of past Assessment Centre events.

As a charity we subsidise subscription and assessment as much as possible, to make both accessible to schools. There is a small one-off fee payable for each of the above stages, to cover assessment costs. Contact us for pricing information.

Assessment Reports

All schools undertaking the process, whether they are successful or otherwise, will receive a detailed assessment report on individual student / school performance with recommendations for development and improvement. If a school is successful in the assessment process, the school will be awarded the Quality Mark for two years. Staff and participating students are invited to accept an accreditation plaque at a dedicated Awards Ceremony.

If a school is unsuccessful, the assessment reports will outline areas of improvement that the school can use to give the school the best chance of success should the school choose to apply for accreditation again in the future.

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