Getting set up

  • Subscription to the app is per school, on an annual basis for non-accredited schools, biennial basis for accredited schools.
  • Once subscribed, your nominated World Class staff contact(s) will receive an onboarding email link to set up your subscription. This will allow you to add as many staff contacts as needed to have access to the app and allow you to invite students to create their account and start accessing the app.
  • Detailed instructions and ‘How to’ videos are available on the app for both teachers and students to help with setting up and navigating the app (also available here).
  • Students and staff can set up their own accounts in seconds using the link provided. Secondary students will need a school email address in order to set up their account.

How to access the app

Once subscribed, teachers can access the app using their login details via

Student engagement

  • Once they are set up, students can start working their way through the different WCSQM areas, completing an explanation and uploading evidence (images / videos) for each of the characteristics in each area.
  • There is no time limit, and progress can be saved at every stage, so students can dip in and out, accessing the app from home and/or school, and complete their different areas in their own time, around their studies and other extra curricular activities. As well as giving students flexibility, this also gives them time to focus on and develop each World Class area over time, in any order they like.
  • The examples given for every characteristic across every area help give students a clearer understanding of what each World Class characteristic could mean in practise.
  • Once students have completed an area, they can submit it to their teacher for review and feedback. Each area is submitted for review individually, and students can complete as many areas as they like in any order they choose.
  • Once students have completed all areas, they are World Class students.

More information on each of the WCSQM characteristic areas

Staff engagement

  • There is no limit to the number of staff accounts schools can have.
  • Staff access to the app is via a teacher interface which shows the progress of all their students, and enables them to analyse the progress of groups of students
  • Teachers will be sent an email each time a student’s submission needs feedback.
  • Teachers can review students’ submissions and respond via email confirming completion or requesting them to amend their submission.
  • If the teacher feels the submitted area is complete to a satisfactory standard, no further action is required beyond their confirming completion via the app. The student area will now show the area as complete.
  • Teachers can ‘favourite’ submissions, if they are exemplary.
  • Teachers can analyse the progress their class has made against the framework, for example, which pupils, and which groups of pupils have completed which area.

Whole school engagement

  • As students engage with the app, schools can access high quality student by student data on the development of characteristics, which can be analysed by student group.
  • The app offers resources to support integration of the app into the curriculum, including downloadable badges of achievement, to facilitate a whole school celebration and reward of the pupils’ characteristic acquisition. Pupil completion of different areas can also be celebrated and utilised independently – e.g. the workplace characteristics can support and guide careers advisory and transition support, community characteristics can support the Duke of Edinburgh Award, knowledge and understanding area can support a UCAS application etc.
  • Once the school has reached the minimum usage threshold/s, schools can apply to be a World Class school, and be part of a national school community of some of the best schools in the country.

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