As part of their World Class Futures campaign, student WCSQM Alumni Association members are encouraging fellow students across year groups to become inquisitive about their future options, considering workplace skills and the various career paths they can take, including higher education, apprenticeships and university. Alumni Association members are exploring different sectors, interviewing those who work in those sectors about their career and education choices, how they feel about their chosen pathways, and advice for students considering work or education in their sector. These videos are available to watch below.

World Class students and WCSQM Alumni Association members are invited to join us in exploring education and career pathways by:

  • interviewing someone you know about their chosen career / education pathways and sending us the video to publish on our website with the videos below.


  • researching people in the career / education course you’re most interested in, and asking them for an interview. What prospective employer or education provider could fail to be impressed by a student proactively taking the time to not only inform yourself, but to help inform your World Class peers across the UK. It’s a unique and innovative way to get noticed in a very crowded market.

Watch the video interviews below for a guide. We’re open to you choosing any sector, and it can be an interview with anyone – a professional talking about their education / employment choices, university student talking about the pathways that led to their course choice, 6th form / GCSE students talking about why they chose their subjects and their hopes for the future.

Video submissions

To have your video featured below email it to us at . Your video should be no more than 5-7 minutes long. If you’re unable to send the video by email you can either upload it directly to YouTube and send us a link, or drop us an email and we can send you a link you can use to upload your video. You can, if you prefer, submit a written or audio interview.

This is an ongoing project so do keep checking in for new interviews and sectors.

 Career & education pathways – interviews

Coventry Haven Women’s Aid

Throughout this interview, we hear from Jamie, a survivor of domestic violence. Bravely, Jamie discloses her experience and advises others on how to become better educated on domestic violence. We also discuss the problems with societal attitudes, and how education plays a vital role in overcoming domestic abuse. Moreover, Jamie also mentions some incredibly useful resources for support as well as vital projects, which are accessible at the end of the video.


Mr Chhaya has worked as a maths teacher over the past few years, but prior to his vocation in teaching he worked as an accountant. In this interview, we explore the differences between the teaching sector and accountancy, with an aim to provide an outline of the necessary skills of both teachers and accountants.


Mrs Browne is a biology teacher, she has previously worked at Jaguar Land Rover as an engineer, as well as working on developing prestigious medical equipment for various cancers. In this interview, we explore the importance of women in STEM as well as discuss the vital skills surrounding STEM careers.


In this interview with Ms Rooke, Deputy Headteacher at President Kennedy School, we discuss the roles of a deputy headteacher, the importance of authenticity and thus how skills such as leadership are enhanced through work experience. With a plethora of experience, Ms Rooke guides us through her leadership journey and, along the way, provides students with an educational insight regarding interpersonal skills.

Download a written interview with Mr Sheridan, PE teacher at President Kennedy School

Miss Roberts is Head of Year 8, she is also an English teacher who has over 27 years of teaching experience. In this interview,  she highlights the importance of leadership skills and how her work experience has shaped her career.

Miss Bayton-Timms is a history teacher who has ran various educational programmes for students such as high attaining workshops as well as debate club. In this interview, she discusses the important aspects of teaching and her journey to her career.

Mr Ferrater is a science teacher who teaches both chemistry and physics. In this interview, we discuss the differences between the Spanish and English education systems, exploring Mr Ferrater’s Spanish educational journey and application process.

Mr Ross is a history teacher, in this interview we discuss the skills teachers should display as well as providing an insight into the challenges teachers face including time management. Mr Ross also offers a vast skill set including adaptability, communication and knowledge all of which are mentioned in his interview.

Miss Tovey is an English teacher, in this interview we discuss her journey of education, from applying to study English to developing the skills to teach English in the classroom. Additionally she offers some salient advice about teaching and university applications.

Mrs Alexander Weller is an Assistant Headteacher, Head of Year 7 and an English teacher. In this interview, she discusses her passion for her subject of English as well as highlighting the importance of transferable skills including teamwork, empathy and leadership within multiple industries.

Dr Campbell provides an academic insight into studying a doctorate degree in geography as well as her journey from research to teaching. This interview is particularly useful as Dr Campbell offers academic advice to students wishing to undertake lengthy degrees in the future. Thus, she evaluates the application process of university as well as outlines the importance of teaching in relation to her degree.

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