Benefits of accrediting as a World Class school include:

  • Participation in World Class partnerships for pupils and staff – this includes partnerships with peer World Class Schools UK wide and internationally, with higher education providers, careers development organisations, future employers and a range of World Class suppliers to the education sector.
  • The chance to participate in a high profile group of schools, with bargaining power, for example to:
    • influence national education policy
    • broker advantageous deals from education suppliers
  • Recognition beyond an Ofsted or national inspection grade
  • Access to the WCSQM characteristic app for half the price charged to non-accredited schools
  • Incentives for effective staff recruitment and retention, such as:
    • the chance to work at one of the best non-selective state schools in the country
    • opportunities to work and develop practice in collaboration with outstanding practitioners from other World Class schools
  • Opportunities to raise pupils’ confidence, and aspirations beyond the school and its region
  • Opportunities for pupils to:
    • develop, exercise and improve their World Class characteristics using the app
    • access unique, exciting and highly attractive work experience and volunteering opportunities that develop employability skills, and social and moral competencies
    • be part of a World Class Alumni Association
    • be eligible for World Class events, awards and competitions
    • train and become accredited as World Class assessors
    • access bespoke World Class references and support for their UCAS submission / applications to further education / employment / apprenticeships
    • benefit from a World Class preparation for employment and education beyond school, so students have a significant edge over their competitors.
  • Access to an assessment process that:
    • assesses the pupils not the school
    • recognises the development of pupils’ qualities and characteristics not measured by other national assessment frameworks
    • provides the school with detailed profiles of pupils’ individual performance at an Assessment Centre event
    • provides the school with a profile of pupils’ typical performance against peers from other World Class schools
    • provides the school with a raft of resources, for example, the ‘A Week In The Life of..’ video, owned by the school, that demonstrates to pupils, parents, current and potential staff, external bodies and all stakeholders how ‘typically’ World Class the school is
  • Parental confidence that:
    • ◦ they are sending their children to one of the best schools in the country, regardless of status
    • ◦ their children will thrive and develop invaluable skills for success in life beyond school

Download a PDF featuring a comprehensive list of the opportunities, events and initiatives available to accredited World Class schools

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