Once your school has reached the following minimum usage thresholds, of the percentage of your student cohort achieving all areas of the framework you are eligible to apply for accreditation at either bronze, silver or gold level.

Bronze 35%
Silver 50%
Gold 75%

Our accreditation stages assess the accuracy of the in-school assessment, by testing the World Class characteristics of a selected student sample, in ‘real life’ and ‘real time.’ This is a unique opportunity for your students to demonstrate the World Class skills and competencies they have evidenced through use of the app, thereby proving their school is indeed World Class.

Visit the accreditation page for more information on what it means to be WCSQM accredited and how to apply.

School to school, student to student mentoring

If your school is considering applying for accreditation, you can request a mentoring service at any time without any commitment to undertaking the accreditation process.

Peer to peer mentoring – a school can request to partner with another school considering or confirmed as undertaking the accreditation process. Student teams from each school work in partnership, feeding back on the other school’s progress in developing World Class characteristics and sharing best practice. (This is a free service subject to a partner school being available to undertake the moderation process with you).

WCSQM lead practitioner mentoring – you can request for your students to be mentored by students from a WCSQM lead practitioner school. These are founder schools with experience in using the app and whose students model WCSQM characteristics. Their team of WCSQM ambassador students can mentor your students, role modelling World Class characteristics and sharing evidence examples. (This service incurs an administration fee the majority of which will go towards supporting the lead practitioner school. See pricing page for more details).

Contact us if you would like to discuss mentoring options further.

To apply for accreditation, or if you have any queries you’d like to discuss about the assessment process, please feel free to get in touch.

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