As part of our mission to improve the quality of non-selective state education for young people across the UK, we work with a wide range of partners in the education, corporate and charity sectors to develop meaningful opportunities for students to capitalise on their World Class education and characteristics and achieve their potential.


We are a small but growing charity with big ambitions to develop, support and celebrate the World Class students that make the World Class non-selective state schools in the UK rival the very best selective and independent schools. Our latest Annual Report shows the impact of our work last year, and our strategy for growth and development going forward.

We partner with individual donors, grant making bodies, trusts and foundations with an interest in supporting and improving the state education for young people in the UK. Now more than ever we all recognise the importance of, not just a full, meaningful and rounded education, but access to opportunities for personal growth and development, an understanding and appreciation of our community and those around us, and a grasp of the skills young people need to undertake that transition from school to higher education and the workplace.

If you are an individual, organisation, trust or foundation looking to make a real difference to the opportunities for young people in education today, please do get in touch, we’d love to discuss funding and partnership opportunities with you.

Our partnerships

For more information on how you can work with us as a supplier to the education sector, or a partner in the education, corporate or charity sector, and details of how we currently work in partnership with these organisations, please follow the links below.

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