The WCSQM Student Character Campaign recognises and awards students actively demonstrating World Class characteristics. This ongoing campaign invites teachers to nominate their students (and students from other World Class accredited or BeWorldClass subscribing schools) for demonstrating a World Class characteristic from any of the WCSQM framework areas. Each month a winner is chosen to be our Student of the Month, and all students nominated for the campaign are shortlisted for the annual Student Character Award.

The WCSQM Student of the Month / Student Character Award

Aicha Bamba, Student of the Month February 2022

All accredited World Class schools and schools subscribed to BeWorldClass are invited and encouraged to submit students across any and all year groups for a Student Character Award. Student of the Month is awarded each month to a student who has demonstrated a particular World Class characteristic to a World Class standard, from the WCSQM characteristics framework.

Each month, the student of the month and commended students will be featured on our Student Hall of Fame, congratulated via social media and receive a winners’ certificate. Nominated students are also automatically shortlisted for our annual Student Character Awards, presented to students across all framework categories at  the end of the school year.

Promote the campaign to your students with our promotional campaign poster, sharing the benefits of taking part and being World Class.

You can also incentivise and reward students for demonstrating World Class characteristics across the framework areas with our framework area badges.

Who can nominate?

Teachers / staff members from accredited World Class schools or BeWorldClass subscribing schools can nominate students (their own, or students from another accredited or subscribing school) they feel have demonstrated a specific World Class characteristic to a World Class standard. They can nominate at any time and the student will be considered for the current/ next month’s award as appropriate, and for the next Student Character Award presentation.  Students can be nominated more than once for different characteristics, should they choose to complete more than one. There is no limit to the number of students a school can nominate, or the number of times each student can be nominated (as long as the nomination is for a different characteristic each time).

Who can be nominated for the award?

Benjamin Thomas Five Acres High School Student of the Month January 2022
Benjamin Thomas, Student of the Month January 2022

Any student is eligible who demonstrates World Class characteristics. A student can be nominated for demonstrating any characteristic in any area of the framework to a world class standard.

How to nominate your student/s for the Student of the Month award

For schools using BeWorldClass

  1. Access the student’s framework area by clicking on their submission, click ‘actions’, then ‘send/modify feedback’ (remember you will only have access to this once the student has submitted their framework area to you for feedback and approval)
  2. Highlight, copy and paste into an email the
    • Characteristic itself, e.g. c…have an area of expertise or specialism
    • The student’s explanation of how they have demonstrated this characteristic
    • A copy of the image they have uploaded related to this characteristic (right click the image, click copy, paste)
  3. Title email Character of the Month – Area (add the area this characteristic relates to, e.g. Leader / Learner etc.)
  4. Include in the email the full name of the student, their year group, and attach their photo (for the Hall of Fame should they win Student of the Month)

Send the email to 

For schools not using BeWorldClass

Submit this primary form / secondary form with details of one characteristic in one of the framework areas. Here is an example primary form / secondary form with all the characteristics completed. You need only complete ONE characteristic.

The nominating staff member will be contacted via email if their student/s are awarded Student of the Month, and this will be published on the WCSQM website and shared on WCSQM’s social media. Please ensure you have obtained the relevant permissions for publicly sharing any evidence supporting your student/s nomination. Please include a photo of the nominated student with your submission – this will be featured on the WCSQM Hall of Fame if the student is successful in achieving Student of the Month.

Feel free to contact us with any queries on the campaign, or the WCSQM skills and competencies framework.

Watch a slideshow featuring examples of previous student character award nominations

Downloadable supporting materials

Jay Palombella, commended October 2021

Student Character Campaign promotional poster

Primary school completed sample form

Primary school submission form

Secondary school completed sample form

Secondary school submission form

Editable press release template for promoting your Student of the Month award

Student of the Month – Winners

Visit our Hall of Fame to see our Student of the Month winners and commendations


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