Volunteering Opportunities for World Class students

WCSQM alumni students are welcome and encouraged to apply for one of the many volunteer roles available here at WCSQM. As a charity run by and for students, our volunteer roles have been designed to give World Class students unique, real-life work experiences to help develop key skills and competencies and earn bespoke references.

If you’re looking for work experience that works around your studies, and that will help you with identifying and applying for higher education courses and employment opportunities, follow the link below for information on the range of roles available. If you don’t see anything here that meets your requirements, but you feel you have a skill you would like to develop and that would benefit our charity, please do get in touch, we may well be able to adapt a role for you.

WCSQM volunteer role job descriptions

Develop and demonstrate World Class characteristics

Our volunteering opportunities are designed to help you develop and demonstrate World Class characteristics. If you are using the WCSQM online framework, you can use your WCSQM volunteering experience as evidence of specific characteristics in each framework –  download this list of characteristics for suggestions of characteristics you could achieve for each volunteering role. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to these suggestions – every volunteering experience is unique, and you may want to use the experience to help you achieve one of the framework areas that might not be listed here. If you feel you’ve achieved it, and can evidence how you’ve achieved that characteristic, you can absolutely reference it on your WCSQM app.

Duke of Edinburgh Volunteering opportunities

As a registered charity with a mission to provide character-development opportunities for the benefit of students in non-selective state school education, we welcome applications from students wishing to work with us to complete the volunteering section of their DofE programme.

Volunteering for WCSQM is largely undertaken remotely, so you can complete your volunteering activities from home, although there are opportunities for you to attend and support WCSQM events in your volunteer capacity (expenses covered).

Download further information on our DofE volunteering programme and how to apply

Share your new skills on LinkedIn

As well as uploading your new skills to your WCSQM app, if you’re aged 16 or over you can also do this on LinkedIn. The more skills you add, the more chance you have of getting noticed by potential future employers and higher education providers. Download the ‘How to for students’ guide on our LinkedIn partnership page for more information on how to add skills, how to get endorsements for those skills, and other tips for using LinkedIn effectively to promote yourself as a World Class student.

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