Students are at the centre of all our activities at WCSQM. World Class students not only participate in the assessment process in a bid to achieve World Class accreditation for their school, they can also apply to carry out the assessment of their accrediting peers once they have successfully passed the process.

The WCSQM Virtual Assessor Training Programme

WCSQM Qualified Assessors were awarded at the Awards Ceremony in December

All accredited World Class schools are invited and encouraged to offer students the opportunity to participate in the WCSQM Assessor training programme. The programme is

  • modular, flexible and online so students can schedule its completion around other commitments
  • self-contained and designed for students to participate independently either in school or at home
  • workload light for the supporting school staff member/s

The programme provides students 

  • completing it with an individualised endorsement from WCSQM outlining the World Class characteristics developed and demonstrated through its completion, ideal for further education and employment applications and personal statements
  • who are using our app with evidence against a range of characteristics
  • with unique and endorsed project management experience 

The programme includes a number of sequential modules. At the start of the programme staff will need to print a pack of materials for each participating student for their reference throughout the programme, and complete an assessor sign-off form as the programme progresses. 

All other materials are available virtually with recorded slide decks for ease of use and lesson plans to assist supporting staff, which indicate where staff need to facilitate a group discussion. 

Time commitment

    Module  Time Commitment 
Introduction 15 mins 
1 App Assessment  2 hours*
2 Self-Audit Assessment  1.5 hours
3 Assessment Centre  2 hours*
4 Quality Assurance  1.5 hours
Total time commitment: 7 hours 15 minutes 

* Can be run as one 2 hour session or split into 2 x 1 hour sessions if more convenient. 

Schools can sign students up to undertake the training programme at any time. Each term WCSQM will schedule a meeting for supporting staff to outline how the programme works and provide support. 

Students must complete the full programme and be signed-off by their school in order to work for WCSQM as an assessor. Assessors are allocated to assessment projects termly, so students who have successfully passed the process will be contacted with relevant assessment opportunities from the term after they have completed their training.  Once allocated work as an assessor the WCSQM Assessment Manager will arrange regular meetings to support assessors with their work.

If you are a World Class alumni student interested in applying for assessor status, or a staff member at a World Class school interested in finding out more about this opportunity for your students, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with more information. We are regularly recruiting for new assessors as the number of our accrediting schools grows year on year, so we hope to be able to work with you / your students very soon.

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