Our vision for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)

St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Currently, Ofsted carries out summary evaluations of multi-academy trusts (MATs), but not Ofsted inspections, although there is a move in parliament for this to happen. 

At WCSQM we want to get ahead of the curve.  Many of our schools are in MATs, and we know that what they are already doing is World Class. We therefore want to recognise and accredit their work. 

A Multi-Academy Trust Growth Strategy

We are setting up a network of WCSQM MATs across the country, giving parents, staff and students confidence in the opportunities they provide.  Parents will want to send their children to World Class MATs, teachers will want to work in them, new schools will want to join them.  

However, our focus remains on the students,  not the institutional structures.  

Secondary School Multi-Academy TrustWhat is a World Class Accredited Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)?

For us to deem a MAT World Class

  • We will still assess the students not the school, against our framework, in terms of characteristics students need to thrive at transition, beyond school, in an ever changing global economy 
  • We will look for consistency in the development of World Class characteristics across the student bodies of the MAT’s schools

For us, if a MAT is World Class

  • The students’ success is greater as a result of the MAT collaboration than without
  • In an all-through MAT, students benefit from developing their characteristics from on entry to exit
  • Transition issues, in terms of student character are countered. 
  • Opportunities for students to work and lead across schools to develop their characteristics are capitalised upon. 

We do not require all schools in a MAT to be judged as ‘outstanding’ in order for the MAT to be deemed World Class.  We understand a World Class MAT to be one that takes on schools that need radical transformation and that can be World Class in itself. A World Class MAT could have a range of schools within it, all in different stages in their development.  However, we believe that in a World Class MAT, all students have the capacity and opportunity to be World Class.  

View a list of MATs working towards WCSQM accreditation

To Get Accredited as a World Class Multi-Academy Trust

  • One school in the MAT has to be a re-accredited World Class school, to demonstrate a track record of developing World Class students
  • The remaining schools are subscribing/ accredited or working towards World Class accreditation
  • There is substantial assessment evidence at the subscription, accreditation and re-accreditation stages which demonstrates that the students develop their characteristics in collaboration with peers from other schools in the MAT.   
  • The MAT is involved in the World Class assessment process through subscription/ accreditation/ re-accreditation on an ongoing basis to demonstrate that their students are always developing their characteristics to a World Class standard 
  • A member of staff from the MAT joins WCSQM Associate Programme
  • The school trail blazes World Class practice

Accrediting World Class MATs can refer to our termly assessment dates to schedule in app assessment submissions. We are not currently taking on new accrediting MATs.

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