Cambridge University

WCSQM has worked in partnership with Cambridge University for a number of years, with the aim of widening participation among students from non-selective state schools that may not typically consider Cambridge, despite their promise and potential.

Cambridge University

Dr Glen Rangwala, Director of Admissions at Cambridge University, together with the university colleges’ Widening Participation teams, recognised the opportunities a Cambridge/WCSQM partnership could offer, and over the years we have seen a growing number of students from our World Class schools applying for and successfully gaining access to university courses at Cambridge (including our Alumni Association Chair, Elif Karanis).

Trinity College, Cambridge – Virtual Residentials 2021

Women in STEM Residential

The Virtual Women in STEM residential is part of Trinity College’s annual offering to widen participation from women and non-binary students interested in STEM. We are committed to diversifying our STEM undergraduate cohorts and this residential is designed to inform, empower and inspire women and non-binary prospective scientists to make competitive applications to our array of science courses.

Stonehouse Residential

The virtual Stonehouse Residential 2021 aims to replicate the detailed focus on teacher and student engagement that is at the core of the in-person programme. Selected schools will be eligible to nominate a class of Year 11 students to receive a day of bespoke talks and raising aspiration activities in late September. Students and the accompanying teacher will need to be off-timetable for the duration of the day that the school is involved.

This will give them clear guidance on A-Level and further education options, and ensure that students understand the context in which they are making these decision (that this will have an impact on what they can go on to do in the future). We increasingly see university applicants who are more than qualified to undertake certain courses, but are rendered ineligible simply because they have not chosen the right A-Levels. This opportunity aims to both counter that and outline clearly for teachers and students what they need to do to avoid closing off future educational avenues.

Languages Residential

The Languages residential is an immersive, 4-day long programme that aims to introduce highly able students to the benefits of studying languages at university. The residential will involve a series of (online) workshops designed to give a sample of studying languages at the University of Cambridge, taster sessions with Trinity College academics, expose students to the career opportunities available to graduates and to provide the opportunity to meet current languages students.

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