The World Class Schools Quality Mark

WCSQM is a charity working with schools to develop the skills, competencies and characteristics young people need to thrive in an ever changing global economy.

Learners’ Certification

Students with the learners certification from the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) have demonstrated that they are an excellent learner, dedicated to life-long learning.

By completing the Learners’ area in the World Class Schools App, they have proven to their school that they:

  • understand the importance of learning from mistakes, and build up intellectual and emotional resilience 
  • exercise intellectual curiosity, and work independently, creatively and inventively 
  • demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit 
  • reflect on my achievements, revise and improve my ideas 
  • use strategies for effective learning, such as the ability to memorise, summarise, rephrase and review 
  • practice reading for enjoyment, accompanied by high levels of critical thinking 
  • are an excellent researcher.

At WCSQM we work in partnership with education, corporate and charity partners to improve education and opportunities for non-selective state school students across the UK. Find out more about partnering with us.

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