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Aspens Services (Nominated by St. Albans Girls School)

We are always in the mood for good food!

We are Aspens Services, a market leading contract catering company and we specialise in school food.

We only work in the education sector, so we know what our customers want. Mixing this knowledge with an understanding of what’s hot in the food world, sparks creativity and excitement in our fantastic chefs.

You can be sure of seeing some innovative dishes on our menus along with the traditional favourites you’d expect.

Our team has been brought together because we all share our values, we all have the experience needed and are dedicated to make sure that we deliver the very best service to our customers.

Making great school food memories

It’s pretty simple… we feed:

  • children
  • students
  • staff

at schools and colleges.

Our kitchens provide delicious home cooked food each day and cater for individual dietary requirements. Breakfast, mid-morning break, lunch, special events and hospitality too – We run the kitchens!

We provide a choice of dishes from different cuisines – some traditional and some that really challenge their taste buds!

We have the technology and information systems to provide meals safely and effectively including nutritional data, special diets and allergen management.

We want everyone who eats with us to look forward to their mealtimes, love what they have to eat and then have the energy for everything else that the day has to offer.

We don’t just provide food, we play our part to educate children and raise awareness about nutrition, food and where it comes from, so that they can make informed and mindful choices. With important learning to be done, we make sure that we are feeding healthy minds as well as bodies.

Exclusive World Class Offer

Aspens offer all World Class schools a free review of your catering service and £5,000 of Aspens funded investment to any school who decide to use us as their preferred catering provider.


If you like what you have read and want to have an informal chat about your catering service, please do get in touch.

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