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Coram Beanstalk sees a future where every child is a reader. Because readers get the best chance in life.

Coram Beanstalk

Coram Beanstalk has nearly 50 years’ experience in helping to ensure that more children become confident, independent readers.

We recruit and train volunteers to become Coram Beanstalk reading helpers providing weekly 1-2-1 tailored, individual, in-person support to children aged 3 –11 years in nurseries and primary schools. Our trained volunteers don’t just ‘listen to children read’ – they provide children who are behind, with the wider support they are missing and that they need to catch up, to switch onto reading, learn to read and become readers. 

Coram Beanstalk also offers training courses in secondary schools, offering older students the opportunity to become ‘Reading Leaders’ working with year 7 and 8’s.


We create readers, because when a child becomes a reader, they get the very best chance in life and every child deserves that.


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Our programmes

Primary Schools

Coram Beanstalk is the leading charity provider of one-to-one, in-person, reading support in primary schools. We have worked with thousands of schools across the country since 1973, using our evidence-based reading for pleasure approach to help children switch onto reading, learn to read and become confident independent readers.

Coram Beanstalk believes that when a child becomes a reader, they get the very best chance in life and that time spent reading for pleasure has just as much (if not more!) importance as learning to decode.

We diligently vet, train and support a large network of high quality reading helpers, equipping them with the skills to run fun sessions from EYFS to KS2 giving children a positive reading experience.  

Our weekly one-to-one support is proven to boost reading attainment as well as improving confidence and attitude to learning. It gives children consistent time with a trusted adult to enjoy sharing engaging children’s books from a range of authors and genres which we know not all children have access to within the home.  

Reading helpers commit to supporting at least 3 children each week throughout the school year. They are responsible for leading 30-minute sessions during which they will read aloud and engage the children in meaningful book chat, extending vocabulary and building comprehension and listening skills. They’ll also have fun with the book, playing games based on what they have seen or read and creating a positive association with reading. 

Our partner schools benefit from:
  • One-to-one targeted, consistent, reading support for at least 3 pupils
  • Highly skilled trained reading helpers
  • Monitoring and impact reporting to evidence the value of our service
  • Reading helper support & management by Coram Beanstalk
  • A collection of books specifically chosen to interest children who don’t easily engage with reading
  • Shareable reading-related content, newsletters and book recommendations
Our reading helpers are:
  • Vetted and highly-trained by Coram Beanstalk
  • Provided with ongoing learning and development and support from our dedicated support team 
  • Have access to a range of resources via our online portal 
  • Conscientious and committed

All for just £220 per term. Please contact us to discuss our bespoke offer for multi-academy trusts.

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“One of the best initiatives we’ve had here at Parklands Primary over the last 8 years has been our absolutely wonderful partnership with Coram Beanstalk. The care and attention that these wonderful individuals give to our vulnerable readers has seen a huge impact. Everybody wants to read but unfortunately sometimes with small houses, lots of people in a house or not very many books at home, finding a quiet place to read can be challenging and these are the children we identify for a Coram Beanstalk reading helper. Because they come into school every day it allows relationships to be built. Discussions about reading and an accurate level book, allows a child to succeed and to be challenged. I can’t speak more highly of this fantastic charity!”

Chris Dyson, Headteacher of Parklands Primary School, Leeds


Secondary schools

Reading Leaders training

Young people supporting young people with inspiring results

Transition to secondary education can be challenging enough, but students who lack the skills, confidence or motivation to read effectively find the whole curriculum harder to access and can struggle to achieve their potential.

Reading Leaders is a ready-made peer tutoring programme that enables older students to ‘break through’ to key stage 3 students who cannot or do not read at the expected level; it is a great way of improving whole school reading attainment and engagement

Reading Leaders, students from Years 9 – 13, are trained and supported to help students at least two years younger than themselves improve their reading skills, attitude towards reading and reading confidence.

Reading Leaders is a cost-effective whole-school approach to increasing reading engagement and attainment and beneficial to both the younger students who receive evidence-based support and encouragement and the older students who are credited under a leadership programme that they can use to further their education or career.

Reading Partners (children in year 7 & 8): will have the opportunity to experience positive reading experiences on a regular basis and benefit from personalised support from well-trained older students. 

Schools see improvements in their: motivation to read, reading skills, engagement with a wider range of reading materials, enjoyment of reading, confidence, self-esteem and engagement in the classroom.

Reading Leaders (children in years 9 and above) : will be empowered to demonstrate their initiative and organisational skills, their ability and commitment in a responsible volunteer role, and their capacity to act as a positive role model and inspirational member of a community.

The Reading Leaders programme costs £995 for up to 12 students. Additional students can participate for £85 per head. 

All our Reading Leaders courses include two free CPD places for coordinating members of staff, a coordinator’s pack, and full programme materials for all students.


“We are thoroughly enjoying our Reading Leader sessions so far. The younger students are thrilled to have gained an older mentor.”
Katie Neil, Southchurch High School



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