Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR)

Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) by Axle Education, is an online whole school learning management system used by some of the most successful schools in the UK. Find out more via axle.education.

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Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR)

DPR by Axle Education (Nominated by Forest Gate Community School)

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Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR), created by Axle Education

Recommended by: Forest Gate Community School

The Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) is an online whole school learning management system. It is more than just an assessment tool as it assists the whole school curriculum planning and its implementation. DPR is used at some of the most successful schools in the UK. It was pioneered in Forest Gate Community School (FGCS), which is Ofsted rated Outstanding.

Forest Gate Community Executive headteacher Simon Elliott says DPR is the secret behind the school being ranked among the best in the country three years in a row. He said: “We are among just a handful of schools who have been ranked in the top 50 nationally three years in a row.”

The DPR has transformed the way we learn at FGCS. Students, parents and staff now have thousands of weekly interactions with many aspects of learning. The focus on improving and consolidating areas of weakness has allowed us to improve our outcomes beyond my wildest dreams.

Simon Elliott, CEO, Community Schools Trust

The DPR goes well beyond traditional software to connect pupils, families and teachers to tracking student progress against key learning objectives. These (adjustable) learning objectives have been carefully selected for students to secure their understanding on. Whatever their academic starting point, students are given clear manageable learning journeys to make sure they do not fall behind the school curriculum. The DPR essentially connects learning across year groups, standardises challenges and demands engagement from teachers and students.

Each student has their own portal, which they access online, where families and teachers can monitor their individual progress.

They are constantly updated, which means families can access up to date information on their child at any moment.

At the highly prestigious BETT awards, which recognises excellence in school ICT, the DPR was nominated in several categories: ‘Innovators of the Year’, ‘School Impact Award’ and ‘Leadership and Management Solutions’

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