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GO 4 Schools is a powerful, joined-up, online system that supports whole-school improvement in a way no other system does.

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The right information at the right time for all people really matters in schools.  GO 4 Schools brings you real-time, in-situ data collection and analysis for your cohorts, subjects, and groups with unlimited data snapshots.  Real-time, online and tailored for you is the GO 4 Schools way, so the latest information is at your fingertips in a format that helps you make better decisions to move your school forwards.

Making today’s classroom data available to all who need it GO 4 Schools is based on one simple idea: everyone can make better decisions and achieve better outcomes if they have access to clear, detailed, up-to-date information. Stale data from traditional data collections and progress reports simply does not enable you to be responsive and dynamic when supporting your students. 

Instant performance tracking

For senior leaders tracking performance using a wide range of measures and providing transparent real-time data, GO 4 Schools takes the guesswork and delay out of measuring progress and planning interventions. As well as being able to instantly view high-level statistics, e.g. Progress 8 and L3VA – teachers can easily examine progress against targets or baseline by subject, group or students for each key assessment and respond to who needs extra support.  This is embedding your assessment data actively into teaching and learning and evidencing the impact of curriculum delivery. 

Parents and students can be included too, with appropriate online access to the information they need.

  • The additional modules allow schools to build and implement GO 4 Schools by prioritising areas of improvement in line with their strategic goals. 
  • Adding markbooks, behaviour and attendance modules provides a key triangulated view of student data with instant analysis and reduction in workload.
  • Seating plans and homework modules support planning for teaching and encourage independent learning. 
  • Parental engagement, progress reports and the mobile app increase communication between school and home to enable more focused support for students. 

Why schools choose us

We truly believe in supporting schools and provide a dedicated team of technical support staff and an Educational consultant to advise and ensure every school is set up to suit their context and requirements.  Comprehensive training with access to our bespoke in-house training courses and school to school-based training ensure you also remain at the forefront of changes in the educational landscape. 

How are we different? GO 4 Schools has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of schools in assessment, attendance, behaviour management, reporting and statistics.  Due to demand by our existing schools we are also working towards a standalone GO 4 Schools Management Information System.  Visit https://www.go4schools.com/MIS.aspx

Exclusive World Class offer

GO 4 Schools offer all World Class schools a 5% discount off their first year of subscription, and if your school is apart of a Trust you can also benefit from their Trust discount when multiple purchases are made.

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