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Tassomai (Nominated by Sandringham School)

Tassomai is the most impactful learning and revision platform available, used by hundreds of schools in England and Wales to boost attainment and engage learners in independent study.

Learning is easy and convenient for students

Micro-quizzes and tutorial videos build and reinforce a student’s knowledge, increase their confidence and can even be used as flipped learning to teach new material ahead of class.

With every interaction, Tassomai’s intelligent algorithm learns what students understand and what they don’t yet know, continually adapting content to prioritise topics where students need to focus their efforts.

An easy to use dashboard lets teachers see at a glance where individual students and entire classes are excelling and struggling, enabling them to target intervention and therapy and drastically reducing time spent on assessment, marking and analysis.

Our internal statistics consistently show that pupils who are fully engaged with the program have a 92% chance of meeting their targets.

James Stradling, Head of Science at All Saints CE Academy

The introduction of Tassomai at our school has been so much smoother and more well received than the introduction of other EdTech products we’ve used.

Kate Myers, Director of Science, Holmleigh Park High School

The reduction in marking has been notable… Tassomai essentially allows us to have more learning time both within and outside of lesson and results in fewer admin and paperwork tasks.

Laura Foulsham, Head of Science, St. John Bosco College, Battersea

Free teaching resource for Science teachers

In February 2021, Tassomai hosted an online round table, bringing together science teachers, school leaders and representatives of key education and edtech organisations, following which they have published a free report examining the role currently played by edtech in Science teaching, and looking ahead to science teaching in a post-pandemic world.

Download the free report for science teachers and school leaders: Edtech in science education – building back better in a post pandemic world.

Tassomai believes EdTech companies have a responsibility to demonstrate their impact through evidence. You can read more about this in their 2020 Impact Report.

Tassomai sponsored the 2020 WCSQM Virtual Symposium delivering three sessions on choosing EdTech based on evidence, and best online learning practice for teaching Maths and English

Exclusive offer for World Class Schools:

Tassomai is pleased to offer World Class Schools 10% off.

Schools are free to use this discount in conjunction with other offers.

Contact: Tassomai’s Customer Service team: enquiries@tassomai.com

Website: www.tassomai.com

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