‘There are occasions in life when something comes along that matches perfectly with your current thinking. The World Class Schools Quality Mark is a great example of this. We were already defining our next steps beyond ‘outstanding’, and ‘World Class’ was the obvious choice. Being one of the first schools to be recognised with this prestigious award is a real privilege for us, and one that we will embrace fully as an early ambassador for the programme. We hope that through this status, the quality of provision at English state schools is recognised on the World stage and supports our on-going drive to raise educational standards for all children, wherever they happen to live’.

Alan Gray – Headteacher, Sandringham School

‘The mark perfectly summarises the qualities we value and work hard to develop in students at Ashcroft. We are excited and extremely honoured to be part of the important national and international development that the WCSQM represents.’

Monica Austin, Headteacher, Ashcroft High School

‘Our All-Through Trust is thrilled to be one of just eight inaugural recipients of the World Class Schools Quality Mark, recognising as it does our forward looking approach and the truly impressive all-round education it is providing for young people aged from four to sixteen. The mark recognised that we are never complacent, always aspiring to do the very best we can for all the young people in our care and that this is reflected in the excellent standards we achieve. As part of a stringent assessment process, World Class Schools’ assessors spent a lot of time with our students and found them to be inspirational. Our country’s education system is often subject to international comparisons and we are so pleased that our Trust is now officially classed as one of the very best in the world.’

Vicky Neal, Headteacher, Bury St Edmunds County Upper School

‘Being awarded the WCSQM has been great for our academy.  The students are especially proud and the staff delighted too.  It is fantastic to receive such high recognition for everyone’s hard work, dedication and achievements.

The academy is a genuine learning community and the transformational power of learning is the driver at Clapton in its determination to be World Class. The academy emphasises ‘best’ achievement as well as a commitment to lifelong learning as a prerequisite for successful participation in the global economy.’

Cheryl Day, Headteacher, Clapton Girls’ Academy

‘Claremont is delighted to be amongst the first group of schools to receive this award and see it as an endorsement of the school’s vision of ‘helping all its students reach their true potential. We believe Claremont prepares students to take up their role in an ever expanding global community that spans barriers of race, language and distance to all areas of our world.’

Terry Malloy, Headteacher, Claremont High School

‘We are delighted to be awarded the World Class Schools Quality Mark.  The award is recognition for our fantastic students and staff and the hard work they do every day at Wren. We are especially proud that our students have displayed the character, skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the global community of the 21st century. We hope that the quality mark will act as a springboard to our finding new opportunities and challenges for Wren students as they develop into young adults ready to take their place in the wider world.’

Michael Whitworth, Headteacher, Wren Academy

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