As a charity our mission is to develop students’ World Class characteristics so that they can thrive in an ever changing global economy. We want to level up opportunities so that every student can develop these characteristics to a World Class standard regardless of their circumstances or background. To that end, all our work is informed by our frameworks of characteristics, the acquisition of which will result in students being World Class.

We have a process to develop the World Class characteristics of students which moves from subscription to accreditation.

The World Class Schools Quality Mark framework of characteristics is available for subscription as a web based app – BeWorldClass. All schools – primary, secondary and special, UK wide and internationally can take out an annual subscription for the app to cultivate and enhance the World Class characteristics of their students. Schools able to present a number of students role modelling World Class characteristics can apply to accredit as World Class schools.

As a network of schools, we support our students to develop their characteristics so they can access unique experiences they may not typically be able to access in a classroom setting, that will give them access to educational, cultural and career development opportunities that maximise their potential and help them shape their future. For example, our thriving Alumni Association brings together young people keen to develop and make the most of the World Class characteristics they demonstrated through their participation in the WCSQM subscription and assessment process.

BeWorldClass – what is it?

BeWorldClass is an online version of the WCSQM characteristics framework as an easy-to-use web-based app that supports the development of, assesses and celebrates the World Class characteristics of students individually, and across a whole cohort. Accessible by students at any age and year group, it is easy-to-use with minimal teacher intervention required.

The BeWorldClass annual subscription gives every student in the school full use of the app which can be accessed from on any web browser and device – mobile, iPad, PC, Mac etc.

To prove they are World Class, a pupil has to demonstrate World Class characteristics. These characteristics are organised into different areas, according to whether the pupils are primary, secondary or attend a special school. Every student using the app to demonstrate World Class characteristics is eligible for and encouraged to join our Student Character Campaign. As part of the campaign, teachers can nominate students demonstrating World Class characteristics, to be in with a chance of securing a place on our student Hall of Fame.

Try it out

Use the links below to access demo WCSQM accounts showing the app setup, design and functionality, and providing examples of student evidence and teacher feedback.

Secondary School app

Primary School app 


Subscription is currently available to our accredited and subscribing schools. We are not at present offering subscription to new schools.

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