As a charity our mission is to develop students’ World Class characteristics so that they can thrive in an ever changing global economy. We want to level up opportunities so that every student can develop these characteristics to a World Class standard regardless of their circumstances or background. To that end, all our work is informed by our frameworks of characteristics, the acquisition of which will result in students being World Class.

We have a process to develop the World Class characteristics of students which moves from subscription to accreditation.

The World Class Schools Quality Mark framework of characteristics is available for subscription as a web based app. All schools – primary, secondary and special, UK wide and internationally can take out an annual subscription for the app to cultivate and enhance the World Class characteristics of their students. Schools able to present a number of students role modelling World Class characteristics can apply to accredit as World Class schools.

As a network of schools, we support our students to develop their characteristics so they can access unique experiences they may not typically be able to access in a classroom setting, that will give them access to educational, cultural and career development opportunities that maximise their potential and help them shape their future. For example, our thriving Alumni Association brings together young people keen to develop and make the most of the World Class characteristics they demonstrated through their participation in the WCSQM subscription and assessment process.

The WCSQM app – what is it?

The WCSQM characteristics framework is on an easy-to-use web-based app that supports the development of, assesses and celebrates the World Class characteristics of students individually, and across a whole cohort. Accessible by students at any age and year group, it is easy-to-use with minimal teacher intervention required.

The WCSQM annual subscription gives every student in the school full use of the app which can be accessed from on any web browser and device – mobile, iPad, PC, Mac etc.

To prove they are World Class, a pupil has to demonstrate World Class characteristics. These characteristics are organised into different areas, according to whether the pupils are primary, secondary or attend a special school. Every student using the app to demonstrate World Class characteristics is eligible for and encouraged to join our Student Character Campaign. As part of the campaign, teachers can nominate students demonstrating World Class characteristics, to be in with a chance of securing a place on our student Hall of Fame.

Try it out

Use the links below to access demo WCSQM accounts showing the app setup, design and functionality, and providing examples of student evidence and teacher feedback.

Secondary School app

Primary School app 

Why do we need it?

  • As educators, we believe we do not focus enough on developing our pupils’ characteristics, and in these challenging, ever changing times, it is time to do so.
  • Pupils develop characteristics over time, anywhere, beyond the classroom; for example, they could demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit by walking their neighbour’s dog; only an app, which is portable, can capture their progress as it happens
  • The app is invaluable for schools because it
    • is COVID and lockdown proof
    • supports the development of, assesses and recognises World Class skills and competencies of both its entire cohort, and the students individually, of whom the cohort is comprised; currently no such application exists here, or abroad
    • supports both pupils individually to develop characteristics, and supports a whole student cohort to work on their characteristics together
    • supports the links between home and school, and helps pupils to see that their learning works across both settings
    • facilitates equality of opportunity; any home where there is a mobile phone can support their child to develop characteristics
    • is parent friendly, and non intimidating; it is the easiest way for parents, particularly those in disadvantaged situations, to support their child; it is the way they work anyway
    • is a focused and effective way of supporting pupil premium students to counter ‘character loss’ which is most prevalent in students who have not experienced a stimulating home and social environment


  • Our framework was devised and trialled by our schools, their teachers and pupils, primary secondary and special
  • We have identified the characteristics that are most essential for students to bring about a positive global future, for example, intellectual and emotional resilience, respect, the ability to listen and reflect
  • Schools choose to use programmes that have been successful in their peer schools; our processes have been devised and trialled in a totally school-led way, by some of the best schools in the world, our current accredited World Class schools
  • This app is ground breaking and unique; there is not a process or app anywhere like this nationally or internationally

Why now?

  • There has been a lot of focus on learning loss due to COVID 19, lockdown, and home schooling. However, there has been a significant loss of opportunities to develop skills, competencies, characteristics and cultural capital, during homeschooling, particularly for the disadvantaged students; it is not learning loss that is the priority, but the loss of these opportunities
  • Schools reincarnated in COVID 19 circumstances cannot offer the opportunities to develop character that they used to, that they want to, and that they know are essential; for example, the sense of community created by regular assemblies; a rich extra-curricular offer; trips; cross-year programmes. Schools have to compensate for this lack of opportunity, or their students will never catch up.
  • Research has demonstrated that what children want now, in the face of such substantial international change, is to feel ‘normal.’ They want routine; exercising and developing characteristics is ‘normal’ and ‘routine.’ For example, if a child costs and cooks a meal for their family, and uploads a photograph of their shopping list as evidence of understanding how mathematics works in the ‘real world,’ it feels normal.
  • Characteristics can be developed by every child; focusing on character development is one of the most truly inclusive processes a school can carry out

Learn more about how developing World Class characteristics in students can benefit your school and students


As a charity we subsidise the cost of subscription to make it accessible for all schools. Schools pay an annual fee to subscribe, and once accredited, subscription is biennial, to cover the duration of the school’s two-year accreditation term. As such, accredited schools receive a 50% reduction in the cost of subscription, in addition to the benefits that come with accreditation. Special rates are available for Multi Academy Trusts.

Contact us for pricing information and to discuss setting up a World Class app subscription for your school or MAT.

How do I login to the WCSQM App?

If you’re a school staff member with a WCSQM app account you can login using the link below. If you are a student, please ask your teacher for your login details or get in touch and we can help you login.

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