How we adapted to complete our school’s WCSQM assessment process during the Covid-19 pandemic

How we adapted to complete our school’s WCSQM assessment process during the Covid-19 pandemic

During the WCSQM accreditation process we have had to make many changes when we meet as world class ambassadors.

We have had to meet in the canteen in our year group zonesand have had to wear face masks and keep socially distanced.  We have relied heavily on emailing one another and communicating virtually via Microsoft TEAMS.  We would usually have the ability to walk all around the school but in the current climate this was not possible, however, it has really helped us to develop our IT skills further.  We have managed to adapt to these new circumstances confidently, whilst making sure that we produce high quality and accessible progress in our learning.  

The accreditation process has been highly enjoyablein the week of our self-audit we had to be very adaptable.  We had to remain within our year group zones meaning that we needed to be creative about collecting evidence such as emailing or interviewing staff through TEAMs instead of face to faceWe have tried to get as much evidence as possible electronically to avoid touch points.  We have ensured that we remained in a safe environment alongside our World Class Ambassadors to complete the self-audit and the ‘Day in the Life of our Academy’ film. It has been very fortunate that we have all been able to have access to laptops or IPads provided by our Academy to be able to film and communicate with each other throughout 

The video has been a huge amount of fun. We decided that we wanted our film of A Week in the Life of the Academy to be focused on our core values which are Scholarship, Character and Community. The year 10 World Class Ambassadors produced a story board, and we decided which parts of the school we wanted to film, and the lessons that we wanted to be featured.  A filming schedule was then devised.  

When filming the school building we had to do this during quiet times of the day, or after school.  We decided that it would be best if we filmed our own year groups where possible to avoid mixing with other year groups. Because our World Class Ambassadors are in years 9, 10 and 11 we filmed much of the year 7 and 8 content in outdoor spaces where we could socially distance more easily. When filming other year groups indoors we would ensure that only one person would film and we followed very strict social distancing measures under supervision.  

The editing of our video has been started, however when we were on our final section school closures were announced.   We will continue with this as soon as we can.  At the moment only one person can do the editing due to the editing room being small, I have done this so far as we decided that I would record the voiceover for our video. The editing process has been going extremely well and shows many exciting activities which makes it all worthwhile! 

Overall, I believe that KEVI HWGA is confident that we will be able to continue and cope with the process in the current climate because together we are stronger, and together we are world class! 

Written by Anisha, Year 9, King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, February 2021

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