My day at the WCSQM Symposium – by Jack Kennedy, WCSQM Alumni Association Chair

My day at the WCSQM Symposium – by Jack Kennedy, WCSQM Alumni Association Chair

On Wednesday 6th July 2022 we had the Symposium at St Marylebone School in London. I was blown away by students that stepped up to run the event, attend sessions and demonstrate that they are World Class. As it was said in the closing remarks of the day, our young people are powerful and a force for good. The symposium was a clear example of this.

As the Alumni Chair I was around during the day speaking to students to tell them about what the Alumni Association has to offer. I didn’t get to see everything and I think that is a testament to the hosts at St Marylebone that delivered such a big event so successfully with so much going on!

I’ve picked some stories based off of conversations I had on the day. Check out our social media for the Alumni and World Class to find more stories and information from the day.

At the start of the event, welcoming party students worked together to sign in and direct schools, staff and panelists to the right location. I remember walking along the tables and taking a step back. They were a dream team and had everything set out ready.

During the day, I got to see students from different schools explore different Sustainable Development Goals with the help of experts and each-other. In the context of social media, they discussed potential solutions to big problems like global hunger, conflict and environmental degradation. Students also had the opportunity to develop themselves through a session on LinkedIn and how it can help them alongside the Talk-Off competition to develop public speaking skills.

At lunch break, Antonio and Gracie from our Alumni committee did a great job of networking and telling people who we are and what we can do for them. As we said in the talk at the end of the day, networking does not stop! Reach out and seize these opportunities on offer.

It was amazing to see the awards given out to students including our committee members Gracie and Reuben for all their hard work across World Class Schools from assessing to demonstrating key competencies like leadership. I really enjoyed hearing different stories at the awards ceremony from the force for good that is World Class Students.

By the end of the day, and after having a fair share of little sandwiches and refreshments, there was a buzz of energy in the room. From Durham to Darrick Wood, Sandringham to St Anne’s and Morley to Marylebone, it was inspirational to see and celebrate so many students from all across the country. Well done to all involved.

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