WCSQM launch the multi academy trust accreditation programme

WCSQM launch the multi academy trust accreditation programme

WCSQM launch the multi academy trust accreditation programme, recognising MATs that provide consistently World Class opportunities for their students.

We are delighted to announce the rollout of our multi academy trust accreditation.  This is an exciting development for us as a charity, whose mission is to support students to become World Class and flourish in an ever changing global economy.  

To this end, we are accrediting multi academy trusts as World Class according to the quality of their students.  This is in line with our individual school accreditation which assesses the students not the school to determine whether the school deserves our World Class Schools Quality Mark.  

The multi academy trusts that are leading our rollout all contain a school that has been deemed by us to be World Class, and all provide consistently World Class opportunities for the students from entry to exit.

Our inaugural MATs are diverse, innovative and unique in their setup.  They are different sizes, religious, non-denominational,  some are all-through, and some are primary only.  Their consistency is that the student is their focus. They span the country because we know that students have the capacity to be World Class wherever and whoever they are, and our inaugural MATs know that too.  

Our research has demonstrated that parents are often unaware that their children go to schools that are in MATs,  and are unaware of which MAT their children’s school is in,  let alone that the MAT itself can bring their children benefits. It also seems to be the case that, sometimes,  when there is local opposition to a school joining a MAT, it is often because there is prevailing mis- information regarding the MAT in question. Our aim is that parents will want to send their children to our accredited MATs , because they know that their children will be World Class as a result of attending them.  

It is important to state that not all schools in our accredited World Class MATs  are necessarily Ofsted ‘outstanding;’ it is our opinion that a World Class MAT consists of, and supports,  schools that ebb and flow in their development, but regardless, maintain opportunities for their students to be World Class. 

“We do not believe there is an accreditation like ours of MATs in this country, and we are proud to be ahead of the curve. Our charity champions non-selective state schools and the students who attend them.  We are delighted that this new accreditation process gives us another way to celebrate and promote the best educational practice in the country, and the World Class students who benefit from it.”   Miranda Perry, Director, WCSQM. 

“Westcountry Schools Trust (WeST) are extremely pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with the World Class Schools network. The ability to share, collaborate and network with other trusts in the World Class Trust family was one not to be missed. We know that our fantastic students will relish connecting with, and sharing learning experiences, with students from across World Class Trusts.” Rob Haring, CEO, Westcountry Schools Trust.    


See our Director’s blog ‘The Jury Is In’ on the case for a fully trust led system. 


WCSQM is a UK charity working to accredit the best non-selective state schools across the UK with the World Class quality mark accreditation. In order to achieve accreditation primary and secondary schools can subscribe to the WCSQM application, giving their entire cohort of students access to the WCSQM framework designed to help students develop and demonstrate World Class skills and characteristics across areas including learning, leadership, community and the workplace. 


Media contact: Miranda Perry, WCSQM Director

Tel: 01727 576 047  / miranda.perry@worldclass-schools.org  / www.worldclass-schools.org


WCSQM Inaugural Accrediting Multi Academy Trusts  2022


Carlton Academy Trust                                                       North 

Finham Park Multi Academy Trust                            Midlands

Sapientia Education Trust                                                 East Anglia 

Spencer Academies Trust                                                  East  Midlands

St Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic Academy Trust       North East

Transform Trust                                                                   East Midlands

Trinity Academy Trust                                                       North

Westcountry Schools Trust                                            South West


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