Aicha Bamba, Year 11

Aicha Bamba, Year 11

I am an exceptional role model to members of the school community at all ages and levels

Aicha was nominated by her teachers at Sidney Stringer Academy…

Aicha is Vice Captain for Year 11. She is a Role Model. She arrives at school around 7.30am to work and improve her grades. She is always willing to help and support others. She wrote a speech about Immigration. She has now been given a Scholarship to attend any University of her choice in the Summer Holidays for 2 weeks. All the staff who teach her think she is amazing.

Congratulations Aicha, you are a World Class role model!

Sidney Stringer Academy

Commendations go to…

I am an active participant in my school, local or relevant communities…

Mr Newbold, teacher at Sidney Stringer Academy, nominated his World Class Year 8 students for their incredible determination and empathy during the Coventry City of Culture project. The students worked together to design a tree of hands sculpture for peace, equality, unity and acceptance. The sculpture will be displayed at Coventry Cathedral.

Commendations go to: Courtney Billingham, Fahimah Tasnim, Mariam Metrevelli, Samuela Ansu, Avesta Mahmwd, Shruthi Saravanan

I am totally committed to and engaged with the community I am serving…

Teachers at Cardinal Hume Catholic School nominated their World Class Year 10s for their hard work and determination in improving their school’s House and Memory Garden. Over a school term the students worked together to choose the flowers, decorate the plant pots, plant and tend to the seeds, and tidy up and maintain the entire area. The students continue to maintain and tend to the area.

Commendations go to the following students – download their submission form for details of their World Class characteristics

Dilshan Gunarathne

Abigail Hawthorne

Hussain Ali

Josh Kemp

Jessica Nowak

Karalei Dixon

Nicole Maxwell

I feel talented..

Destiny was nominated by her teachers at Sherbourne Fields School for her World Class positivity, confidence and love of learning. Destiny is a constant source of pride and inspiration amongst her teachers and peers.

Download Destiny’s submission form for details of her World Class characteristics

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