Juwayriyah Alim, Year 6

Juwayriyah Alim, Year 6

I feel talented.

“Art and writing stories and poems are things I love to do. I have won the Gorse  Writing Competition as runner up, twice in a row which made me so happy. I have entered lots of competitions with my drawings. 

I also enjoy baking, but because I am allergic to eggs, I find eggless recipes with my  sisters and we make eggless cakes and cookies.”

Congratulations Juwayriyah on your World Class efforts to develop your many talents.

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Hillcrest Academy

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I am good at leading

Ayesha, Year 5, Hillcrest Academy



I am an exceptional leader and organiser…

Sophie, Year 9, Sir Jonathan North Community College

Gracie, Year 9, President Kennedy School


I want to improve my learning continually…

Madison Year 10, and Jack, Year 13,  St Mary’s College, Hull

I consistently out-perform students from similar contexts, and I am committed to continually improving my performance…

Erin, Year 11, Weatherhead High School


I am an excellent learner dedicated to lifelong learning…

Zoe, Year 11, Hertfordshire & Essex High School

Madeleine and Lora, Year 11, Alexander Year 8, and Thomas Year 7, St Mary’s College, Hull

I exercise intellectual curiosity, and work independently, creatively and inventively…

Jess, Year 9, Weatherhead High School

Julia, Year 10, St Mary’s College, Hull

I practice reading for enjoyment, accompanied by high levels of critical thinking…

Abshara, Year 8, President Kennedy School

I use strategies for effective learning, such as the ability to memorise, summarise, rephrase and review…

Zishan, Year 8, President Kennedy School

I reflect on my achievements, revise and improve my ideas…

Thanmaya, Year 10, St Mary’s College, Hull


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