Benjamin Thomas, Year 11

Benjamin Thomas, Year 11

I have developed skills in languages and/or an understanding of global issues

“Benjamin is an excellent linguist. He is currently studying his French GCSE (of which he received a 9 in his most recent round of mock exams). He also attends 2 hours a week of extra study lessons, and has done throughout Year 10 & 11 so that he can achieve a second language GCSE in Spanish of which he also received a grade 9 in his mock exams. Ben is not from a family of language speakers and this has purely come from his desire to broaden his skill set.”

Congratulations Benjamin on your World Class language skills.

Five Acres High School

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I research and understand what the community I am serving needs

Beverly Ofori, Year 7, St Anne’s Catholic School for Girls

House Prefect Beverly organised a ‘guess how many sweets in a jar’ game to raise money for charity on her school’s feast day of Saints representing her school house. She gave an excellent speech to her class about the activity and the charities, kept track of students’ guesses and encouraged her fellow students to donate whatever money they could. Congratulations on your World Class fundraising Beverly!

Download Beverly’s submission form for more details of her World Class characteristics

I exercise intellectual curiosity and work independently, creatively and inventively

Josh Schofield, Year 10, Bluecoat Wollaton Academy

In his Computer Science lesson Josh wrote the code for the word game ‘Wordle’. He did this independently, in under 30 minutes! Congratulations on your World Class programming skills Josh!

Download Josh’s submission form for more details of his World Class characteristics


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